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How do you view the last 3 years of your life?

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    Probably in some retirement home, tormenting myself about the opportunities I missed, and rambling on endlessly about my glory days

    (Original post by PinkMobilePhone)
    Gee lets see.....(you ready for this?) lol

    11th August 2009 - heavily pregnant as you can see

    24th September 2009 - welcome to the world Jason Matthew

    family is complete

    meanwhile our business (hubby and I were self employed) went under, we couldn't afford the mortgage repayments, so we had to put the house on the market...

    October 2009 - kissing goodbye to the home I grew up in

    in fact we were struggling so much for money, that just a couple of weeks after I gave birth, I was out delivering hundreds of phone books to try and earn some brass

    plus I was fat (more October 2009)

    We had our last Christmas in the house I've lived on-and-off in since 1987

    Come January 2010 I decided to embark on losing weight. I was 14 stone 3lbs at this point, and obese.

    Finally in May 2010 we got an offer on our house, and after much searching, we found another house that we could afford to buy after paying off the mortgage on our old one :

    so, on 2nd July 2010, we left our old house in Leeds, and moved to Barnsley, South Yorkshire....

    it has lovely views...

    and the kids liked it.

    In September 2010 my big girl Lydia started primary school

    and Alex started nursery

    And we liked our new house, but it was lacking a dining room.

    So in October 2010 we converted the garage into a dining room

    In November 2010 my husband got accepted onto the waiting list for a gastric sleeve. At this point he was 33 stone 4lbs.

    We spent our first Christmas in our new home

    So life plodded along. Hubby and I carried on losing weight, and the kids carried on growing fast

    in March 2011 I was invited clubbing for a friend's birthday. First time I had been out clubbing in 4 years! I had fun...

    ...so much so, that I persuaded hubby to come out as well for our wedding anniversary. So we got his niece and her friend to babysit, and in April 2011 we went out

    8th April 2011 - Lydia bashed her first milk tooth out on her handlebars of her bike whilst learning to ride without stabilisers

    time passed, kids grew....(July 2011)

    and before we knew it, in September 2011 Alex started school

    13th-23rd September 2011, we went on a family holiday together to Salou in Spain which was lovely

    24th September - Jason turned 2
    25th September - Lydia turned 6
    26th September - we got a dog!

    Introducing Fluffy, the Lhasa Apso cross Papillon

    October 2011 - hubby and I went to an Alice Cooper concert!

    November 2011 - I started writing a novel for NaNoWriMo

    December 2011 - I turned 28

    and before we knew it, Christmas had hit us again

    January 2012 - hubby decided not to go ahead with his op, and to go ahead and lose the weight on his own.
    Meanwhile, I finished the first draft of my novel, and started editing it.

    We discovered Mosh - rock nightclub in Derby

    the kids (and dog) grew

    May 2012 - I went to see Guns n Roses

    and Alex learned to ride without stabilisers

    and here we are. July 2012. I'm down to 9 stone 10lbs....

    hubby has lost a butt-load of weight...(and is actually 6lbs lighter than that end photo now)

    and that's that really! That's my past three years - in glorious illustrated detail!
    That was so lovely to see! You've got a beautiful family

    It's been ****

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my LT26i

    I've had some of the best and worst times of my life in the last 3 years.
    Discounting the worst times, I've had the best 3 years of my life at uni. I've grown as a person, become more independent, learnt new skills, been on the best girls holiday, made friends for life, come out of uni with a decent degree and got a job! I can't see how the next 3 years will beat the last but I hope they give the last 3 years a good run for the money!

    A mixture of both good and bad. The usual, I suppose.

    in the last 3 years i have had some of the best times of my life so far and am starting off on a completely new road, new adventure very soon... finished my GCSEs well... finished my a-levels without much hope of doing well... became closer with someone important to me... all in all very happy with it, which is strange to say because quite a lot of very bad things happened too, which i won't post on here.

    Well my past three years cover leaving college (just about) and getting my degree. Losing one of the best friends I've ever had, making three of the best I've ever had at uni plus lots more lovely people. Going through the hardest times of my life but the best as well. Lost almost half of my bodyweight, got the first proper boyfriend who wanted a relationship and not just using me. Bought my own flat, moved in and moved back out (long story).. So a very mixed three years, but looking back I probably wouldn't change much.

    My last three years are 6th year of school, 1st year of uni and 2nd year of uni.

    It started off horrible, I hated school and skipped all the time, fairly disliked 6th year though it was a bit if a laugh and quite laid back. I disliked the people. Hadn't planned to go to uni cause I hated school so much. For some mad reason decided to apply and go anyway. Best decision ever, I love my course and I love the uni and the people there. Made amazing new friends, get really good grades, found 2 new sports I love and never though I'd do, and do some voluntary work alongside my paid part time job. Life is good. Can't believe I was ready to chuck education after school :P thank god I didn't.

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    Well not much really. I got my A-Levels and went to uni, only to realise I hated it. Met a guy there that I didn't really like but pressured me to go out with him. Stayed with him because I had no-one else. Dropped out of said uni, and felt like such a loser as I spent about 6 months looking for a job to no avail. Decided to go back to a different uni and a different subject, and leave the boyfriend. Hated it there too. But then started talking to a nice guy on the train home from uni, who became my boyfriend who I am with 10 months later. I guess every cloud has a silver lining. If I hadn't dropped out of uni, and moved to my new uni I would have never been on that train and met him.

    Did quite well in first year but not overly fond of my subject. Only time will tell if things improve. Would I change much? Well it's interesting because usually I would say YES everything, the uni choices, the subject choices, blah blah, but now that I think about it, that would mean not meeting my bf :dontknow: so I don't think I would change much.

    The past four (I know you said three, but they kind of link in for me) years of my life have actually been pretty eventful and formative for me, in both good and bad ways. I think, from mid 2008, I changed quite a lot as a person. In fact, I'd be grateful if the next few years were quieter and less eventful, just to give me a break.

    Had a gap year after finishing school, which made me a lot more confident, sociable and motivated
    Had my first full time job
    Did a course I really enjoyed at uni, and did well in it
    Had a good time at uni in general
    Had some great trips abroad
    Had my first serious relationship
    Grew up and matured in general

    The aforementioned relationship ended
    I've lost touch with most of the people I knew at uni
    Mental health problems
    I think I still wasted a lot of opportunities that I had
    I wasted a year and money doing a postgrad course that I didn't enjoy
    I'm less certain of where I'm going in life than I was four years ago
    In several respects, I've taken steps backwards

    (Original post by Liv1204)

    I was moved reading that. To achieve a 1st going through such a tough time is so commendable, you should be proud of yourself

    Uneventful :sigh:

    A lot has changed for me in the last 3 years of my life. I went from year 13, to a gap year and then just finished first year at university. Academically I went from getting 4 rejections for medicine first time I applied and being really deflated and unmotivated about my future to getting the grades I needed so deciding to reapply for medicine again the following year. I then got in and worked really hard in first year.

    Personally there has been a lot more changes over the past 3 years. I had my heart broken just after new year in year 13. I was devastated and very hurt and that left me emotionally shattered and closed. I then spent the best part of a year trying to get over him. Then came to uni and started a new life. Explored and tried new things. My parents had always been quite controlling and overprotective which meant that I hadn't really experimented or tried things. So in first year I really tried to put myself out there and try new things. I also met someone and am in a relationship now. I am happy to have found someone who makes me really happy and can fiinally say that I have moved on from my ex.

    I have also become more confident. In year 13 I was confident but had a lot of insecurities and wasn't comfortable within myself. I have since learnt to focus on my strengths and not my weaknesses all the time. During my gap year I worked with young children and the elderly and learnt to develop my confidence around new people. I was always quite shy around certain age groups and my gap year taught me to find a way around that and so now speaking to new people doesn't daunt me.

    When I started uni I was still very shy around boys. I was fine around girls having gone to an all girls school but boys were a completely different matter. I didn't know what to say to them. It took a long time for me to be comfortable around them. After Easter a group of friends and I decided to set up a study group who met 3/4 times a week in the evenings. It was me and another girl and 5 boys. Affter a while I soon became comfortable around them and the awkwardness soon evaporated. Since then I've been a lot more comfortable around guys. Now whenever I am introduced to one I don't think of them as an alien species.

    (Original post by Like a BAWS)
    I was moved reading that. To achieve a 1st going through such a tough time is so commendable, you should be proud of yourself
    Thank-you, I appreciate that. I am proud, I feel guilty sometimes for mentioning it too much online, but it is therapeutic to write and it does help to think we're doing ok. So thank-you again.

    memorable but hard work

    (Original post by DotComBoom)
    Went to uni.
    Gained some new friends.
    Gained a 2:1 in my degree.
    Accepted onto a postgraduate course in Journalism which is my desired career.
    Same! which area of journalism are you interested in?

    Incredible, and getting progressively better and more interesting.
    Moved away from home and uni, got an internship, job, met some amazing people, made some great friends, been to places and had adventures I wasn't expecting, traveled so much, seen so many sights, (infrequently) partied hard, found someone amazing and about to live together. I just hope to see and do as much in the next 3 years as I've done in the past 3.

    (Original post by wolf-pack)
    Same! which area of journalism are you interested in?
    Cool! Ideally newspaper or magazine journalism, but I kind of want to be one of those irreverent, slightly amusing feature writers. What about you?

    I have started and completed uni (haven't had the ceremony just yet). I have grown up a lot over those three years, learnt some important life lessons and had some experiences (good and bad).
    I have lived away from home for 3 years, and come back to my parents to save money before I go to China for 6-12 months. I have left my violent ex, and started to be comfortable in myself since.

    It hasn't all be good, by far, but it's been a 3 years completely packed with events that have changed and shaped who I am now. I am carrying on with my plans now, and within a couple of years will be able to settle down more.

    Not loads - Years 9-11. But what do you expect at school? :teehee:


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