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I want to go back!

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    Hey guys, I'm newish!! Add me, or whatever you do here...
    I used to skate at Queensway with Vincent (anyone else?) at 7am every Sunday...that was so amazing, don't you love that clean ice and that quiet rink? It got too expensive and I stopped, but I want to go back so badly! I fear I've forgotten everything, and I also feel guilty because I just stopped coming. I don't wantto go back because of that, and anyway, it's STILL expensive. I don't really want to see Vince either because I just stopped coming one day, so it may be awkward. ARGH I miss it so much!
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    Unfortunately keeping ice rinks cold ain't cheap. Especially not when fuel is pricey. It's a shame. My closest one is ~30miles away. Makes a trip there stupidly expensive.
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    can't you just skate outside of lessons? isn't that free?
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    Same here! I want to go back too! And Vincent was amazing!!
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    Just bump your old threads...
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    Who the hell is Vince and why do you keep making threads about this?
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    (Original post by .eXe)
    Same here! I want to go back too! And Vincent was amazing!!
    You had him too?? Small world...
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    (Original post by james1211)
    can't you just skate outside of lessons? isn't that free?
    Free?? Where do you live???? No!! It's a tenner to get in and then £20 or so for half an hour!
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    Are you ill?


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