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    just thought i'd wake you all up :p:
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    *Wakes with a jolt, after being prodded*

    Well Helloooooo, so how are we this week? Any exciting news on the rugby front?
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    I hate the people who jumped ship from leeds.

    Leeds for promotion next year! COME ON THE TYKES!!

    Did you contact that number I gave you?
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    I don't blame the young guys that left Leeds, Care, Biggs, Doherty, Crane etc. Playing in a semi-pro league doesn't do much for your international aspirations.
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    Bah! They should have worked hard to get back up! Rugby is supposed to be gentlemanly.
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    hey people, sorry havent been on here in a while...a bit tied up with cswk (which will hopefully help me get to uni and get to playing ruggers...yawoo)

    cant actually wait to start playing - i throw a ruggers ball around in the park avec mon dad but living in london (central central) doesnt exactly offer any opportunities for female rugby

    i do feel very sorry for the leeds tykes...but my im relieved that jonny wilko managed to play 70 mins - kick lots AND not die...*phew*
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    (Original post by Ethereal)
    I hate the people who jumped ship from leeds.

    Leeds for promotion next year! COME ON THE TYKES!!

    Did you contact that number I gave you?
    Haven't managed to at the mo (revision and ****) but i will as soon as the a levels r out the way... i've got it safely written down, pinned to my notice board! I'll let u know how i get on... How's ur playing going on at the mo?
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    I don't play any more. Had to retire when I was 18
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    u come from west Yorkshire Ethereal, why is it rugby is more popular in the west than east. I was shocked when my parents sent me to school in the west to see the difference
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    To be honest, I'm not sure why it's more popular. I suppose there is a higher population density over there so more people to like it.

    I didn't know you'd been to school over there. Small world!! What school?
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    hey i'm a massive rugby fan - plan to take it up at uni as don't play it as yet!

    But i do (well did - now season has ended and going to uni next year i can't anymore) help coach and ref the 9 year olds at my local club. So much fun - even if we did lose more games than we won. for some reason our boys couldn't quite grasp the idea of a defence line that was straight so it had no gaps - every other club seemed to be able to do it tho!
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    Your boys probably watched England too closely.
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    lol yeh that would probably be right!
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    You should have seen the pub when we watched them play France. I kid you not, grown men wept!
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    i know i was struck dumb by the awfulness - and i'm not speechless very often. there were just no words! my parents came home and asked me how the game was and all i could do was shake my head!
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    It pained me to watch. I'd give anything to play again, and there they were no apparent interest in the game at all!
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    yeh lets hope the new coaches can do something to the england team - it becomes too painful to watch. and its getting harder to justify why they are playing so badly to my economics teacher whos from New Zealand!

    shame u can't play anymore - do u coach or anything now?
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    No, when you retire from the game at 18 it's hard to have any contact. I might referee in a few years.
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    yeh when i did my refs course there was a guy there who couldn't play anymore because of a shoulder injury!
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    Also, my club didn't seem to care. They haven't even rung to see how I am and it will be 7 years in oct since I retired. I thought rugby took better care of its own than that - how wrong was I?!


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