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Forever alone

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    So basically my parents have ALWAYS had this big thing about me not having relationships because "other things are more important" like education & work and for this reason I have never had a real relationship with someone

    Now all of a sudden my parents are getting all twitchy because I haven't had a relationship and experienced anything yet and I'll be moving to uni in around a year. They keep going on about wanting to be there for me when things go bad?!

    So aside from the awkwardness of the parent situation, I don't really know how to get with someone nice (FOR ME and not for my parents) because they insist on being the most dominant part of my life.

    I've told them to back off on several occasions and that I don't live by their rule but to be honest I don't think I will ever be able to have a functional & normal relationship while I'm living under this roof.

    Another thing that gives me the right hump is the fact that I have to share a room with my younger sister (always have) and I don't have any privacy or place to chill or whatever with said potential boyfriend.

    It's ****ing impossible!

    Anyone had this experience and overcome or got any handy advice?!

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    When I first started dating my Dad was always on about how you pick the right person, not rush into things etc, and I thought he was just spouting rubbish, however it's just parental protection kicking in, they don't want to see their daughter getting hurt or used by someone, so they're just trying to look out for you i'd say.

    Explain to them whilst you value the advice and experiences, you need to experience this for yourself, as without trying, you'll never know what it's like to experience the ups and downs in a relationship, and that if things, for whatever reason go bad, that you're aware that they'll be there for you!

    Hope that helps :-)
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    Join the club. I don't see it as a huge deal really and am not going out of my way to find someone, if and when it happens it happens. If by the time I'm like 27/28 and I've still not had any experience in that department I might start to worry. That's a good 7/8 years away though.
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    The problem you're in is that your parents will assume that they know best, because they are older and generally more knowledgeable - I mean education is very important but so is living your life, and teenagers need to learn to be independent, and go out and experience the world for themselves instead of being sheltered. Your parents just don't want you to get hurt, you must see the world from their eyes.

    My only advice is for you to be patient (ie. wait until you go to uni till you get into something serious, that has always been my plan I went to a good sixth form hills road to get myself to a good uni, social life wasn't great but hey, I focused on my grades and I'm sure it will all pay off and be worth it) and just try not to let this dictate the way you live, if you get into a relationship then you will have to push the boundaries a little, maybe spend your time at your boyfriends house where you would have more freedom or whatever. Personally, my parents are very nosy, very annoying, and make a big fuss about stuff like this, so I never tell them anything and spend my time at other peoples houses, and it's worked so far....:unsure:

    The title of 'forever alone' is also a bit melodramatic!
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    (Original post by major_mishap)
    When I first started dating my Dad
    When punctuation is needed :P (sorry, it's how i read it haha)

    Anyways OP, there is plenty of privacy and single people in university. You'll get your chance. Also...spending less time reading meme's will help
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    Punctuation i need for all the time when you read and when you doing something i think punctuation is the life..
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    Theres a ton of people your age in same situation, you could just wait til uni where you'll easily pick up a boyfriend, you could get 1 now too really, you look attractive in your pic anyway.


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Updated: July 18, 2012
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