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My own flat vs better university?

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    Go with choice 2.
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    (Original post by icouldntthinkofone)
    Are you in Geneva now? It really is the most incredible place. But then so is Prague...

    I really feel for you as I was once in exactly the same position. As it happens, I probably made the wrong choice, but things have turned out spectacularly well, and you just have to make the best choice you can with the information you have at the time, and not look back/just make the most of it. If you wanted someone to show you around Geneva, I have friends in the city and Im sure they'd be happy to help. Is the offer from where I suspect?

    I dont really know anyone in Prague so next time Im there, if you want to have coffee and discuss it, then Id be happy to give some help/advice - PM me.

    In any case, good luck with whatever you chose, and it sounds like you will do well in any case

    :-( It's a shame - I've left Geneva a week ago (did an internship there at the UN and my country's permanent mission, so I was pretty busy). But I visit Prague quite often, so I'll PM you about that soon :-)
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    (Original post by saska)
    Yes, I agree - the prestige of a uni IS important...my dad, though, sees this the other way round - he says that it doesn't matter which uni you attend, because there are so many people with degrees and employees don't even care about the quality of your education and it that only matters that you have some degree from somewhere. And I really disagree with him, but can't make him understand my point of view :-( And more importantly, I am planning to apply to LSE for Double degree Master's programme in IR (London/Paris), for which I need a very good bachelor's degree - and I won't be getting that in Prague. But again, my parents just DON'T undrestand this :-(
    I suppose it is difficult when your parents aren't very happy with your ultimate choice, but at the same time, you should do what's right for you, not just because your parents tell you not to. Yes they're paying for the tuition, but if they're willing to pay for it, then you need to do what you feel is best. Not to mention LSE is extremely competitive and if thats what you truly want then you should try giving yourself the best options NOW to get in instead of putting yourself at a disadvantage. After all, if you end up regretting your choice later on in life, you'll be the only one that has to live with that, NOT your parents.
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    (Original post by saska)
    :-( It's a shame - I've left Geneva a week ago (did an internship there at the UN and my country's permanent mission, so I was pretty busy). But I visit Prague quite often, so I'll PM you about that soon :-)
    Oh wow. I have a few friends who have done that...was it good? Geneva is so different from Zurich, not sure if you have been but Im always quite amazed! It sounds like you have a good work ethic and drive and so you will do well anyway . And yes, Im always interested in making new friends in city's...I like to do exchanges where someone shows me around their city, I show them around one I know. So if ever you fancy London too, then let me know.


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