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Worst Games You Have Seen Live?

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    simple thread , what are some of the worst games you have seen live meaning you were in the ground when it happened?

    i am a Bolton fan one that comes to mind is where we lost 1-0 at Wigan in 2008 , it was more annoying because Megson who was our manager at the time rested nearly all the players on the Thursday when we were playing Sporting Lisbon in the Uefa cup and he said it would keep most of the players fresh for these match , another made it worse was that they went down to 10 men in the first minute of the game when Koumas got sent off for Wigan and we were poor in that match even getting beaten by an Emile Heskey header.
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    got to be Bolton 1-3 Liverpool.
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    Stoke away (v Spurs) last year.

    December afternoon in the least inviting place in the history of everywhere. Freezing cold, ground's in the middle of nowhere. Outsung, outplayed in the first half, go into HT 2-0 down thanks to a tap-in and a scuffed strike. Come back, Adebayor scores a penalty, and we start to outplay Stoke but the referee seems to conspire against us. Two handball claims turned down, goal disallowed for offside, and then finally Kaboul was sent off, which was a joke of a red card. Ended up 2-1. Cue trying to find way out of middle of nowhere and 3 hours on the train back to London.
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    Toon 0-0 Crystal Palace.

    last game of the season a while back. Both having nothing to play for. Boring. Boring. Boring.

    Ended up the fans throwing paper aeroplanes onto the pitch. The ones that flew far got the biggest cheers. We actually didn't notice a Newcastle chance down the other end of the pitch at one point.
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    The only game I've seen live at a stadium was when Chelsea played Wigan in April '08, unfortunately Heskey equalized for Wigan right at the end which was a major factor in why we didn't win the title in that season of so near misses
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    Worst game has got to be October last year!
    Villa vs. Man City @ Man City Ground!
    I had travelled up to Manchester with my mate and we got slaughtered 4-1!

    Another beating i have seen is Birmingham City vs. Man Utd they lost 7-0 ROFL:awesome::awesome::awesome::awesome:
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    Easy. Wigan v West Ham. The Hammers lost 1-0 at the DW Stadium and Dean Ashton, great player that he was, had just come back from injury but looked like the fat kid who wouldn't run unless you pomised his a chocolate bar. Unfortunately, no-one had any chocolate for him that day. The rest of the team was just as bad. Terrible showing.
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    Losing 1-0 at Histon was abit ****.
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    First game I went to was Chelsea Blackburn at Stamford Bridge in 2001 I think. It was 0-0 and there was only one chance all match, and everyone stood up so I couldn't see as I was only 10. I'm not even a fan of either of these teams.
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    Hendon v Wealdstone 2010.
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    Barnet v York City this season comes to mind. Though now Edgar Davids is here....


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Updated: October 13, 2012
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