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panic :O

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    In march i recieved an merit award and an unconditional offer however Im worried that if I do not get the entrance requirements needed for my course even with an unconditional offer and get too low grades, my merit award will be taken off me as on the letter it states they can be withdrawn at any time :/ anyone else have this fear?
    thanks for your help really wanna go to Aber in sept
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    Don't worry you'll be fine - unconditional means just that!
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    I think they probably mean they can take it off you if you get into trouble when there or fail to do any of the work.
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    I'm also a merit scholarship holder at Aber, I think they can take it away from you if you misbehave or fail to do any of the work (purposefully of course).
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    I think the answers above aren't actually what Sparklys is asking for. There is a section in the letter that was sent to all successful applicants that basically said that the applicant still had to get satisfactory results. From this I gather it means around your UCAS offer.

    Sparklys - if you were good enough to earn a merit award, there shouldn't be scary results coming your way in August! Relax and breath....
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    It's there to make you try. If you got all Es or something you might have a problem, but so long as you put a sensible amount of effort in you'll be fine.
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    With this sort of thing, if you have ANY problems I would say phone up the university ASAP. Though, judging by the date of the OP, I'd hope you've done that already, .


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