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getting a Job that has nothing to do with my degree.

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    I just finished a course in Sports injuries. After the first year I decided that I didn't want to practice it. I relised that I only chose this career because that is what was expected of me.

    On reflection I might have chose some sort of engineering maybe aerodynamic but that is another thread.

    Anybody got any Ideas on potential careers that require near to no experience. I have been applying like mad to a load of different places. I think I done something like 10 applications in 3 days on average. I have never really heard anything. I recently applied for a job in the bank. I managed to get through the initial stages and my application is now on hold, I presume until september when the vacancy closes. Starting t lose the will to live now so any help is much needed.

    p.S. i'm new to this. This is literally my first thread so bear with me.
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    Sports Injuries was expected of you? You're not perchance the son of Don are you?

    By course do you mean degree? Plenty of graduate schemes just ask for a generic 2.1. I'm not going to lie, you'll probably have to fight your corner in interviews regarding the subject, but that shouldn't deter you from giving it your best shot.
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    I agree that graduate schemes are the way to go if you decide to finish your degree. Try and do something extra curricular that shows interest in either the field of work or the company to show you have that little extra above students who may have a degree in the relevant subject.

    However, if you dont plan to finish it I would definitely email/talk to firms or companies to gain work experience. I'm currently doing that before my final year of uni because I'm doing a degree I love, but have no idea what I want to do in the future and wanted some work experience. I just emailed people and asked for work experience

    Also, search for entry level jobs or sign up to recruitment agencies and explain your position as I've found they really do help when trying to find work.
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    (Original post by M1011)
    Sports Injuries was expected of you? You're not perchance the son of Don are you?

    Essentially I was expected to become a physiotherapist, because i liked sport my family put the two together.

    By course do you mean degree?
    Yes I do mean Degree.
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    I was looking at entry level, no experience jobs but I was't getting an interview and it turns out that I was over qualified. well that was the feedback i mostly got.


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