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Samsung galaxy note

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    I want to change a new cellphone,but now i cant make up my mind what kinds of phone i want, because i like both cellphone and tablet,so i want to buy a galaxy note, can you give me some advices? thanks in advice!!!!!!!!!
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    Yeah any big phone sounds like it would do you. Maybe a note or a samsung s3?

    Or perhaps approach from the small tablet direction with a Nexus 7?

    The line between the two is fading.
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    I'd recommend getting a standard phone for a reasonable price and an excellent tablet such as the Google Nexus 7. Together, this should cost less than the S3 or Note.
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    as you know! you can put galaxy note in the pocket of trousers but can't but nexus 7.I usually go out,so i need something is really helpfull
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    I have the Note.. came from a small HTC Wildfire S and a BB 8820 before that.

    It's brilliant really. It fits in all my pockets and isn't too big (for me) to use with one hand most of the time. To be honest I use two hands for my phones anyway, so no difference to me.

    Haven't had the opportunity to take massive advantage of the fact it's a tablet yet (because its summer.. so no education!) however you can use MS Word/Powerpoint/Excel and they work brilliantly.

    So does S Note/Memo etc. Other good apps on the market for the Note.

    It's fantastic! Get it!


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Updated: July 20, 2012
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