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All Time Favourite Goal!

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    Whether it be due to its importance or sheer class, what is your favourite?

    I think mine would have to be:

    Solskjaer vs Bayern Munich. That still gives me a rush of adrenaline today

    but for technical ability:

    Bergkamp vs Newcastle. The touch and turn was just so sublime, it would be a goal of the season contender in any league.

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    This amazes me to this day

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    ^ That one, or one of these two (going off technical ability here):

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    Teddy Sheringham vs Bayern - Just about every United fan in the world had given up all hope, and then that happened. I was 8 at the time and can still remember it perfectly.
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    (Original post by arnoob)
    This amazes me to this day

    Class but I'm still sure that was supposed to be a cross haha
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    In terms of England goals:


    or Owen's goal vs Argentina.

    Premier League:

    Bit of a cliche but Bergkamp's goal vs Newcastle.

    That touch was just magnificent.
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    (Original post by Whitechapel)
    Class but I'm still sure that was supposed to be a cross haha
    It was but it is still awesome. The goal was mathematically impossible

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    (Original post by arnoob)
    It was but it is still awesome. The goal was mathematically impossible


    wow ahaha
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    This is up there with the best for me, mostly because my dad went ****ing mental:

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    Beckham vs Greece. Everybody went crazy.
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    This is mine... simply for the celebration!!

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    Lots of subline individual finishes so far. This is a real team goal.


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Updated: July 18, 2012
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