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Why are guys not attracted to girls in headscarves?

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    Wtf is wrong with you?

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    I thought the whole purpose of the headscarf was to stop men seeing the woman in a sexual way, well that's a least what my mother told me and she is a muslim herself.
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    obvious, troll is obvious.
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    Troll. Whats with all the islam threads?!
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    I've got a slightly different take on it.
    I (unfortunately) have to tell you a story to illustrate my point.
    My friend (seeing that I had a beautiful wife) complained to me that he was having no luck.
    He is a stubborn person who wears what he wears and acts how he acts.
    I told him; Look ! You can do what you want, act how you want. Only problem being, by the time you've INSISTED on this weird or unusual behaviour/appearance, then THIS proportion of the "cake of all women" don't want to know you. Then THIS stubborn insistence rules out your chances with this section. Your "little" precept of "if they like me, they'll like me for WHO I am" leaves about THIS amount available (squeezing thumb and forefinger close to him...).
    He radically overhauled and (I **** you not) got THE most BANGING girlfriend you've ever seen !
    Not bad for a two-minute pep talk... Hmm...
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Ah, well what would you suggest to signal that a girl were 'liberal', as you put it?? A flower on the headscarf instead of the normal pin? If she was to smile at you if she saw you somewhere??
    Well general flirting cannot go wrong.
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    (Original post by Terence_A.)
    It isn't the headscarf that is unattractive, but for non-muslim men in Britain this implies cultural beliefs that many may believe cannot not be reconciled with their own. I have seen many hot girls in headscarves, but thinking about it, I wouldn't even consider approaching one because I would assume they are religeous and conservative in a way that I'm not, which is a bit sad really. However, for muslim men, I can't see this being a problem unless it hides you good features or something.
    Out of rep but essentially this.

    Plus there is other considerations, even if the girl turns out to be compatible any prospective boyfriend would have to compete with the potential family of yours who may be a bit too strict in their interpretation of Islam and your parent's 'culture.

    Which in laymen terms means a massive headache.
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    I find some muslim girls with scarfes attractive depends on the style, but then again me being muslim i tend to talk less to them i.e. I will show more respect thats why maybe w salaam xD

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    Headscarves have a religious stereotype attached to them, and possibly a pretty conservative one too. I'm not going to argue if that is right or wrong but it's the way most people feel.

    UK is a predominately secular society, religion is frowned upon in many communities and sometimes attacked overtly, like the current Islamophobia issues in the media or the issues surrounding gay marriage/child abuse in the Catholic Church. Many people now relate religeon with strong negative feelings surrounding child abuse, terrorism and rampant discrimination.

    Whilst men will always (In my experience) treat a woman in a headscarve with respect. It's unlikely they will view that woman in a sexual way or as a potential mate, the issues above will also add negative feelings to the mix. It doesn't bode well!

    It's a bummer, sorry!
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    Not all headscarves are religious. I would, however, associate them with an older generation though.
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    Might as well stick a big red flag out of the top of it.. if you see a brown skinned girl wearing a headscarf you assume it's because she's trying to preserve her modesty and/or Islamic, both of which = a no go in terms of approaching
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    okay so islam says no bf gf relationships right?

    if the girl wears headscarf, that means she has chosen to practice islam properly by wearing a headscarf and etc, it would just be the biggest double standard trying to get with a girl who has chosen to wear a headscarf on her part,
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    I work with a few girls who wear headscarves and they are all so so beautiful! You need to be more confident in yourself - If they really were deleting you just because you wear a headscarve then they're not worth your time anyway. You're just 17, its honestly not tragic if you've never been asked out


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