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Tights or bare leg?

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    I have a black body con dress - long sleeve, low v neck and mid thigh but I dont know what to wear with it.

    Should I wear tights or go bare legged (I have pale legs)? I figure if I wear black tights it will look so boring and nude tights might look weird? I have tattoos on my legs so it will be obvious I am wearing them.
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    I wouldn't wear tights, but just go with whatever you're comfortable with
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    Seeing as it's summer go bare legged, maybe with black tights in the winter (not that's its particularly warm anyway!)
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    Pics of said legs? :sexface:
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    Yeah, Im just use to dressing casual so often I wasnt sure what would be good. Looks like Im going bare legged then Thanks everyone
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    Bare legs!
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    No tights dont wear tights
    If you wear tights you could die
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    go without, but you can get the same effect as tights by putting powder on your legs.
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    Go bare legs, since you have tattoo's on your legs it would be good to not wear tights
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    bare legs are always sexier.
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    tights with patterns cut out of them where the skin shows through
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    I like a nice bit of flesh
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    Go without tights
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    Bare legs. I always find that they grate easier.
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    Bare legs.
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    For a cheeky stare, go bare.
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    Id say go with tights, but sheer/glossy nude/tan type if you're wearing a black mini dress, i really like the shine they give to my legs. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKZekxk0jqw&t=0m5s

    After a night in a club its usually a bit cold anyway.
    The only nights i dont wear my tights is if the day has been really warm or when im abroad on holiday ie Cyprus, Ibiza when it is usually warm at night.
    Also, ive found tights do help make high heels a little more comfortable to walk and dance around in all night.
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    Don't understand why nude tights would look weird, they resemble bare legs if you get the right shade

    Bare legs would be better (or the illusion of bare legs, i.e. nude tights)

    EDIT: Just read your OP properly and realised you have leg tattoos, :facepalm: Silly me! Go bare legged.
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    Bare legs and go commando. Men dig it

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    Bare leg Always


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Updated: October 6, 2012
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