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Friends with benefits

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    I can't help but grow feelings towards him and I dunno what to do as I don't wanna lose him either way.

    What do you think?
    Have you experienced this?
    What did you do?


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    If you have serious feelings about his personality etc probably won't work. If you want to bang him but find him a bit annoying it might work.
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    Well...you've done gone ****ed up now haven't you :/

    Meh, just tell him how you feel and see how he responds. There's nothing wrong with changing the nature of your relationship with this fella. Just respect his thoughts and be open and honest about it. I wish you good luck.
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    I had a problem with one of my friends with benefits....that guy got so depressed about being on the dole that he killed everyones's buzz on nights out
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    ^^thanks that helped a lot

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    It depends how strongly you feel toward him. You don't want a situation where in the end what you want you cannot have, because you will be heartbroken.
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    Friends with benefits rarely work out. You both should have entered your relationship knowing that sex is all you wanted out of it.
    One side nearly always wants more, whereas the other doesn't. This leads to heart break and the woman hating on men for a good century. (In most cases it's the female who develops the feelings, hormones and all that jazz.)

    You could always asks him how he feels, however if he wanted a relationship with you, he would have one. He wouldn't just be having sex with you and also (probably) other girls. If you approach this subject and he doesn't having similar feelings, you can either carry on having non meaningful sex
    You could walk away now and avoid getting too attached and involved and find someone who is willing to respect you and not see you as a sexual object.

    I have been in FWB relationship and I got out as soon as I started developing feelings as from experience, it just gets too messy and you end up getting hurt.
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    FWB is a stupid fad that all the kids are doing these days. Listen - in reality FWB relationships are a bad idea and someone always gets hurt.
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    although its possible that it might work out it probably wont. I think realising you have feelings for a friends with benefits is an alarm bell to get out of the situation before you get hurt.
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    (Original post by theonefrombrum)
    I had a problem with one of my friends with benefits....that guy got so depressed about being on the dole that he killed everyones's buzz on nights out
    I agree mate there are too many of these lazy dossers just thinking they can claim benefits instead of working.

    If my women are just doing the benefits thing for more than 3 months I make them clean my flat as a workfare scheme, if I'm giving them benefits they have to do their share!
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    Stop having sex with him unless you intend to tell him about your feelings, you'll just feel like crap otherwise. You must be able to tell a little bit whether he likes you as more than a FWB?

    I started having sex with my best friend in January, he became my boyfriend in April and now we're very happy, so sometimes it does work out that you both have the same feelings for eachother.
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    I thought it was quite a good movie...chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis was pretty good......
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    Ahh, friends with benefits. I think soon because of austerity measures, David Cameron will probably cut friends with benefits


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Updated: July 23, 2012
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