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university walls?

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    so for university digs and private/ rented accomodation how are we students meant to avoid the no blue-tac on the walls rule? as plain walls is so unappealing, yet when i take posters off the wall i inevitably leave a little bit on the wall - as i can't get it off :/ or worse still a bit of the paint comes off :0 does anyone have any ideas as how to overcome this issue? / has anyone ever been penalised for having blue/white tac on the walls or for the damage it has caused?

    is it the same with wall paper?
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    White tac, it isn't oil based. Problem solved
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    I used white tac on my walls last year and it still left a mark and a little bit of the paint peeled off (my advice for that is just to pull it off really slowly, more like pushing it off with your nail). I didn't get charged for it when I moved out though so I guess it wasn't that bad.
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    pins :/
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    Move it regularly during the year ... it stays tacky for a month or so then sets and that is when the problem occurs ... move it/squidge it/change it and it will be fine

    White is better than Blu has been said
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    You can get some sticky poster things from smiths. They cost a bit more than everything else, but they guarantee not to leave any marks. Which they managed to do.
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    thank you for your replies i have used white tac but it still took the paint off :0 , i like the idea of moving things but ill probably for get to do that and i like 'sticky poster things'
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    Thumb tacks and a hammer.
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    I used white tac and blue tac on my walls last year and it was only the white that marked the walls


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Updated: July 26, 2012
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