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Preparing for gcse's and year 10?

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    Hello all!

    I've just finished year nine, and this might sound a bit weir and sad but I'm looking forward to starting my courses for year ten and all the new content and stuff I'm taking:

    English & English lit
    Triple science (already done b1 biology exam - aqa)
    Philosophy & Ethics- (Already started and I think finished the philosophy course)

    So, any idea how I can prerpare and hopefully get the best results?

    Thank you all, good luck for your results and have a great summer
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    wow... TSR in year 9... it's a bit early!
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    No need to prepare. If you're of slightly above average ability, pay some attention in class and do your homework you will come out with A and A*s.
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    If you want good results at GCSE, there's honestly no need to prepare at the end of year 9
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    Be organised and focused on your work, and make sure to revise for all the tests and exams that you'll have. If I'm honest, there wasn't a huge difference between 9 and 10 for me apart from the exams and controlled assessments that counted. And if you ever need any help, everyone on TSR is here! But you'll be fine. Relax over summer, switch off from school, and have a good time. Worry about Year 10 when you're there as there's not really any prepratation you can do apart from the organisation side, e.g. getting equipment etc.
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    Totally switch off this summer, it'll probably be the last one for a while where you don't have any results to worry about. Relax and enjoy it.

    Also don't be swayed by the people on here who say you don't need to do much/any revision when it comes to crunch time. Do what's right for you and the amount that you feel you need to.
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    Hahha thanks all but I didn't necessarily mean preparing over summer, just for year ten and onwards when It comes

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    I finished year 11 two months ago so I can tell you my mistakes but don't worry about GCSE's this summer, have fun! Pay attention in class for the next year and a half, try and have best attendance possible, stay motivated, prepare for any controlled assesments, do as much preperation as you can for exams and work hard but play hard too, don't forget to have fun every once in a while and good luck
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    there really is nothing to prepare for at this stage, don't worry about it all just yet
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    english - read of mice and men
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    (Original post by 123maz)
    english - read of mice and men
    And every other book you'll be studying, you really won't want to have to during term time, particularly if you have controlled assesments.

    Generally I would say read around your subjects, it can make it more interesting and will really improve your understanding and I find that it helps me remember information without revising.
    Also, next year, be really careful that you have ALL the notes you should. In year 9 and below, if you miss a lesson you're supposed to catch up, but it's no big deal if you don't. If you don't catch up a GCSE lesson, you may not have vital knowledge that you'll be examined on in year 11.
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    English Language *
    English Literature *
    Mathematics *
    Biology +
    Chemistry +
    Physics +
    RE @
    Welsh *
    Media *
    History *
    Photography =
    Art =
    Geography *
    French *
    Business Studies *
    Welsh Baccalaureate Intermediate Level *

    * WJEC
    + OCR
    = Edexcel

    That's a list of everything I'm doing or have done... So if you have any questions regarding them, don't hesitate to ask

    ( I'm in year ten, going into year 11)


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Updated: July 22, 2012
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