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Second hand appliances

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    I'm going to look at a new flat with my mother on monday, and if we say yes to the offer, we get the keys there and then. Problem is, where we live now, everything in the kitchen is built in!

    So we're gonna need a cooker, fridge, freezer, washing machine etc.

    Just wondering if anyone knows any good sites/shops that sell second hand appliances, or cheap new ones? I've looked on friday ad and gumtree but not much in my area.

    Any help would be great!
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    I know this isn't the most helpful of answers, but there are loads of selling groups on facebook, could try there?
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    You could try eBay or ikea (not second hand but they have a huge discount going on now)

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    Ewww second hand appliances
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    Does your area have a freecycle system? Try googling it, you can get some great things for free!
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    British Heart Foundation have furniture and electrical shops which sell a whole load of second hand appliances cheaply and with cheap delivery. I've got most of my stuff from there.

    You can search for your nearest shop here: http://www.bhf.org.uk/shop/our-local-shops.aspx
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Updated: July 21, 2012
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