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Man of Steel - 2013 (TRAILER ADDED) (Comic Con Trailer Added!!)

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    Ok so I just saw the Dark Knight Rises (awesome btw) and before it they showed a trailer for the new Superman film, Man of Steel. The trailer focused mainly on Clark before he was Superman and apparently before he had superpowers as it showed him working on a fishing boat and thumbing a lift.

    The only shot of Superman was at the end. It showed him shooting upwards through the sky roaring like a fighter jet, then he goes supersonic and outruns the camera leaving a smoke trail in his wake. I got goosebumps, the whole cinema was rumbling. :excited:


    Comic Con Trailer

    There is also another version where Kevin Costner does the voiceover.
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    I saw the trailer before The Dark Knight Rises and the longer trailer from Comic-Con. It actually looks good, I was certainly expecting another Zack Snyder high stylised filmmaking approach which would ultimately result in another forgettable Superman film but it doesn't feel like any of his other films. It looks closer to the way Batman Begins approached Batman. I'm not sure if that's an entirely good thing since Superman is not meant to be a dark, brooding and gritty character but I'm excited to see how it pans out. Nolan is meant to be godfathering the film too though I'm not sure how much involvement he's actually had.
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    were can we see the trailer now>/
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    Oh... I was hoping this was going to be a biopic about Joseph Stalin

    How disappointing. Superman is the worst and most boring superhero.
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    Yeah I'm looking forward to this one.

    The one that came out a few years ago was absolutely appalling imo, I just thought it was so bad.

    I hope Nolan is involved as much as is being made out. I doubt he'd let Warner Bros associate his name to a film that he thought would be a flop.

    Here's an interesting fact, Henry Cavill is cast as Superman, which means that now Batman, Spiderman and Superman are all being played by British actors!
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    (Original post by kaboon-supreme)
    were can we see the trailer now>/
    You can't
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    (Original post by Super Cicero)
    Oh... I was hoping this was going to be a biopic about Joseph Stalin

    How disappointing. Superman is the worst and most boring superhero.
    Only because his movies so far have been bland. A well made Superman and Doomsday battle would be epic.
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    If someone could embed the video that would be good.
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    The trailer came on before TDKR, thought it was perfect.
    The music :sogood: :adore:
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    (Original post by TM94)
    The music :sogood: :adore:
    That's Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings music for you.
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    That was off LOTR? It was very fitting anyway.
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    bump for comic con trailer


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Updated: July 23, 2012
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