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Anyone else remember these?

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    I used to love these when I was younger but I don't think they make them anymore. :sad: The normal Twix is good but these were amazing:drool:

    There was also an M&Ms variation
    Any credible alternatives out there? :cookie:
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    OMG I loved these! I think they made Bounty ones as well which I loved! I want them back!
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    The M&Ms always used to fall off.
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    still make the whole range in France
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    Loved them.
    They used to make some nice similar ones at Aldi or Lidl,but I think they are discontinued too!
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    Bisc& bars?

    joyyyyous creations.
    Sorely missed.
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    :sogood: :sogood:

    I want them now
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    Used to have one everyday in my lunchbox.

    They were great.

    I want them back :yep:
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    (Original post by Viennaberry)
    still make the whole range in France
    That's outrageous :mad: Time to have a look on French ebay...

    (Original post by NeverEatFish)
    Used to have one everyday in my lunchbox.
    Me too
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    Vaguely, they were really nice as I remember, Bounty ones were great
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    What about these sweets that were like Chewitts but a bit crystally?
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    (Original post by Fusion)
    What about these sweets that were like Chewitts but a bit crystally?
    Frosties sweets possibly?
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    YES! I love them all, especially the twix ones straight from the fridge. I wish they'd bring them back
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    Ahhhhhhhhhhh they were sooo good!


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