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standard grade exams

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GCSE grade boundaries are here - GO> 23-08-2016
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    what are people expecting for their results? here's mine:

    chemistry: 1
    biology: 1
    physics: 2 (hopefully they will lower pass rates so maybe 1?)
    maths: paper 1 was hard paper 2 was easy so no idea
    English: close reading 1, writing 2
    modern studies :1
    french :1
    art and design :2 had a bad day

    maths: 1
    english: 1/2 :crossedf:
    chemistry: 1
    biology: 1
    history: 1
    geography: 1
    french: 1
    int 2 computing: A

    I'd love to reply with my predictions but I'm worried I'll jinx it :P

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    (Original post by cfizzle)
    Awww I remember standard grades. Wish I could go back now! Good luck you guys
    I remember Standard grades aswell, and no matter what people say I'll stay adamant about SG's being the hardest exam strech (It was harder than my Higher's for sure)

    (Original post by cfizzle)
    Say what?! Every exam level got harder and harder for me... I'm now sitting with 2 module resits :cry: Lucky you if Standard Grades were the hardest
    Well I only know from SG -> Higher, but since you do 8 subjects, Some of which you'll not enjoy (I hated languages but had to do German) makes my Highers (In my case 4 subjects I love) easier, since I liked those subjects, that gave me motivation for doing well.

    Hoping for eight 1s in English, Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Spanish, Modern studies, Art and graphic communication.

    Think I've messed up modern studies but I'm so hoping for a 1 because I got 100% in the prelim..

    Don't mind getting a 2 for graphics though!

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    I haven't finished all my exams yet.
    I'm also doing a couple of Intermediates (Int 2).

    English: 2 - I really hope I get a Credit award.
    Chemistry: 1 - Definitely a 1.
    Biology: 1 - Definitely a 1.
    Geography: 1 - I haven't sat it yet but I'm hoping to get a 1.
    Physics: 1 - I want to get a 1 but I really need to revise for that subject.
    Computing: 1 - Please.

    Maths: A - It was so easy!
    Modern Studies: A - I think I've done quite well.
    French: A - I still have to do the exam but I'm going to get an A for sure.

    English: 1/2
    Maths: 3
    History: 1
    Modern studies: 1/2
    French: 1
    Spanish: 1
    Accounting: 3
    Chemistry: 4


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