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    I graduated from university last year in my home town and have since been temping in an industry which I never ever wanted to get into, as it's the only work I could get. My family moved 300 miles away a few years ago so due to the reasons that I stayed in the first place (which now no longer matter) I started renting flats and have been struggling very badly on a low wage in an overpriced town. All my closest friends have left since graduating and I am left living with two friends who I am completely different from. I feel like I'm not doing anything with my life and just living day to day, and it's depressing me so much. I've considered leaving twice this year already but it just doesn't feel plausible due to debts and the unemployment rate elsewhere in the country.
    My lease is up in October but all our contracts end in April '13, so I am considering staying for 6 more months to close things out properly, but I am so miserable that I don't know how I will survive.
    I'm only 23, and feel so lost and depressed, I shouldn't be feeling like this so young and I know I need to leave. As hard as I think it'll be on my flatmates trying to find new people all I want to do is jump and leave. But I don't want to leave them in the lurch with contracts, bills, and the burden of finding another flatmate.
    Do you think I should just jump and leave in October? Can anyone share their experiences of just saying 'screw it' and leaving all that they know?

    Also I know this isn't necessarily money and finance but I couldn't find a thread relevant enough to just 'life problems' haha.
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    If you just tell them now that you'll be leaving in October you won't really be 'leaving them in the lurch' as they'll have time to look for another flatmate.

    What's your plan in October when you have left? By all means leave if you're not happy but make sure you have some kind of solution for improving your situation, or you might end up in an even worse position!
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    Personally i agree with Kate. if you tell them now that youre leaving youll leave them ample time to find a new flat mate to help cover the bills and so long as you settle your accounts before you leave then there shouldnt be any issue about landing them with any debt etc.
    It really depends on what you want though, if you are as depressed as you say in your post and think leaving will help then i'd definitely go for it, your well being comes above a couple of minor problems for your friends after all
    and in relaiton to your point about unsure where it should go, maybe everyday issues if not here


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