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your favourite one-club man?

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    That doesn't actually matter though, they are one club men and they're some of our favourites! Le Tiss was a don though
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    Raul would have been my all time great, you can't fault Maldini though.
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    I'm no Newcastle fan, but often overlooked is Steve Harper (if you ignore his loan spells). Deserves respect for his patience.
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    Shola Ameobi!!!
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    (Original post by Kevmeister)
    Definitely something to be said for those who stay at a club for over a decade - Ambrosini at Milan springs to mind. Del Piero isn't exactly a one club man either, but deserves respect for his time at Juve.
    Del Piero — consistently applauded off of the pitch by opposition supporters, including your lot. A class act.

    I remember for, like, 3-4 consecutive years there was always talk of him joining you guys.
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    People saying Terry, you forget that he was at West Ham until the age of 14.
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    Madini for me

    Then Del Piero and Totti
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    One club man: Maldini

    Club loyalty: Batistuta
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    (Original post by yunghamz)
    Club loyalty: Batistuta
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    Francesco Totti
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    Messi or Scholes
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    (Original post by punkski)
    Being a foreigner, having no childhood connection to Fiorentina, the club relagated to the second division and being hot property at the time, he could have easily left Fiorentina for bigger clubs. He chose to stay as he felt a trophy with Fiorentina was more worthy than a lot of thophies with the bigger clubs. He left for Roma in his later years to win the Seria A throphy but stayed with Fiorentina in his peak.
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    John Terry. Without a doubt.
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    Scholes as a one club man & the best player England has ever produced.
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    John Terry. Closely followed by Paolo Maldini.
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    Jack Wilshere
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    Only one man for Spurs in the post 1992 era. But we've had our fair share of extremely loyal players if not one club men: Blanchflower, Mackay, Gilzean, Hoddle, Hughton, Anderton, Perryman, Mabbutt amongst others. And then there's been Steffen Freund's passion. Ledley stands out though; one might argue that without the knee problems he may have gone the way of Campbell. But he's shown a loyalty to us that I could never have expected from any player at Spurs in the early 2000s. Being part of a mid-table side despite his talent he gave everything despite our overall mediocrity, and played his heart out through the pain. To see a player love the fans as much as he is loved by them is astounding. It actually felt as if a real Spurs fan was playing for Spurs.

    If we go on to win things Ledley can quite honestly lay claim to them as he's been instrumental in our successes of the last four years.
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    Maldini or Totti.

    Pretty obvious answers though.
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    (Original post by Alexx53)
    John Terry. Closely followed by Paolo Maldini.
    I never thought I'd ever read that sentence.


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