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Getting into Cambridge from a Private School vs Public School vs Private Candidate

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    (Original post by threeportdrift)
    In general conversation, a public school and a private school are, confusingly, the same thing. The contrast is public/private versus state school.
    I always thought that it was all about the difference between US Eng and UK Eng.

    In the USA public schools are supported by the goverment and private schools are the ones who require high fees. In the UK the schools financed by the taxpayer are called state schools and public schoolsare the ones expecting the parents of their pupils to pay very expensive fees.
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    I dont really know, but if you attend a private school which is not exceptionally good in academic, then by producing outstanding performance, you have got a pretty high chance of going into Cambridge. Same thing applied to public school.

    It doesnt really matter where you come from. It is your abilities and capabilities that Cambridge want to judge. You can come up with pretty nice grades from a strict and discipline high school, but that doesnt make you outstanding. Instead, being able to out-shine the mediocre level of teaching in quite a medium range high school will undoubtedly push you far. They will know that you can achieve remarkable grades with sub-optimal help.

    Just my point of view. Some can be pretty nonsense, so please rectify if you dont agree


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