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Marvel Films

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    What is you're favourite marvel film and worst you have seen?
    Fav- X-men First Class
    Worst-Fantastic Four
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    Favourite - The Avengers. I know it's probably a really mainstream answer but it was the best bits of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America all meshed together with it's own added brilliance.

    Least Favourite - Daredevil. Not because of how bad it was, but because of how good it should have been and wasn't.. Hopefully a reboot will do one of the most badass heroes in the Marvel universe Justice.
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    Favourite - The Avengers
    Worst - Spider-Man 3
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    Favourite-I have to choose one? X-Men:First Class, closely followed by the Avenger's and Iron Man.
    Least Favourite-X-Men: The Last Stand. Just awful.
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    My favorite would have to be Avengers, and my worst would have to be Hulk - the one made in 2003
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    Fav- X-men First Class
    Worst- Daredevil :/
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    worst one would be Elektra -i just found it really boring and Elektra really annoys me for some reason - i hated her in daredevil as well.

    difficult to pick just 1 as my favourite, but it would probably be either X-men first class, The Avengers or Thor.
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    I think First class has the best story line out of any marvel film with Avengers a close second.
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    Best- I have to choose??? This is hard! I guess I'll pick Thor, but I just saw The Amazing Spiderman and it was brilliant... And then there's Ironman! And I actually liked the Fantastic Four movies. Or X-Men, maybe...

    I'll stick with Thor, but this may be the most difficult question ever.

    Worst- Captain America did not live up to my expectations. I set them ridiculously high for Marvel films because, in case you couldn't guess, I think their films are pretty awesome.
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    Best - I marginally prefer Iron Man to The Avengers. But only marginally, both are brilliant films. An honourable mention for X-Men: First Class as well.

    Worst - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The first was bad, this should be put down.
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    Best - The Avengers, because it was absolutely brilliant. I particularly liked how all of them had enough screen time and that there was none of them who had significantly more screen time than others! Just saw The Amazing Spiderman lately as well and thought it was brilliant! I was a bit reluctant at the start 'cause I thought it was pointless for a remake now, after the Tobey Maguire ones which are still so recent.
    I'd have to say as well that I loved Captain America since it had a different vibe to the other Marvel movies I've seen, and I just loved his character, especially Skinny Steve Rogers.

    Worst - The Hulk from 2003, but I think that's just 'cause I love Mark Ruffalo now!
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    X Men: First Class is my favourite, unsure about least favourite, maybe Daredevil.
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    Iron Man favourite
    Daredevil least favourite
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    Best One: Spiderman
    Worst One: The Fantastic Four
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    Best: Spider-man 2/X-men: First Class
    Worst: Hulk (2003)
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    (Original post by Student2806)
    Worst - Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The first was bad, this should be put down.
    Got to agree with you on this one - I didn't even finish watching it because I lost the plot and the graphics were terrible.
    My favourite?....Probably Blade.
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    Favourite: The Amazing Spiderman. The character has a lot of sentimental value for me, and I was really impressed with what they did with this one. They retold the origin story in a fresh way and kept it very true to the comics. Blows the Raimi onesvout of the water, I'm already pumped for the sequel. Plus I'm sort of in love with Andrew Garfield. Not in a gay way though.

    Least favourite: Ghost Rider. I love Nic Cage, but I've always thought it's a stupid character and this movie did nothing to change my mind. Daredevil was disappointing too, but it wasn't strictly a bad movie. Just wasted potential, I'd love to see them reboot that series.


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