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Lost a friend, lonely.

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    I have lost my best friend. We went out drinking last night and everyone was drunk. On the way home I threw up. Now they won't talk to me because "I embarrassed them". I didn't say anything about them, I didn't fall over or kiss someone or say anything wild or outrageous, I just had a few too many, went very quiet then was sick.

    I don't know what to do now. It seems like such a weird reason to fall out with someone. Any of my other friends would have held my hair, laughed about it the next morning, we've all been there right?

    I am so lonely now. I hung out with them literally every single day, texted them every day. We'd be in contact by text or meeting up at least every 6 hours. Often slept in the same room.

    I've ruined it. It's all gone now.
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    Oh no
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    It seems a bit like your friends were never really your friends. Better off without them.
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    They sound like pretty bad friends.. surely this is something that is quite common and they should just laugh it off, unless they are very uptight.
    You might feel lonely for a while but I think it is best to cut people out of your life once it becomes clear they aren't true friends.. it will save you a lot of hassle in the future! You say you have other friends so why not just get in contact with them? However, if it was only last night they might still get back in touch.
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    You last saw them < 24hrs ago... you've hardly "lost a friend". It'll probably blow over by tomorrow.
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    you made this topic 3 days ago

    i'm sure by tomorrow everyone will be over it and you'll be laughing and making jokes


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