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    I'll be starting UoL in September and I really want to get a part time job throughout the year. Anyone know anywhere I should apply? Maybe someone's leaving a summer job I could take over?
    All help appreciated! Thanks!
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    They'll be plenty of jobs around, try pubs, clubs, restaurants, and shops, I didn't struggle at all, although I'm in a different city.

    Before you apply and get a job, you might want to wait til results day? Most employers will want you to start straight away after getting the job and a four week notice period, they won't be best pleased if you back out on them or have nowhere to stay in liverpool.
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    I'm an unconditional (gap year whoo!) so definitely going to Liverpool ^^
    Should I apply once I've got there? I'm worried people will have taken all the jobs...?
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    (Original post by HaVoCensures)
    I'm an unconditional (gap year whoo!) so definitely going to Liverpool ^^
    Should I apply once I've got there? I'm worried people will have taken all the jobs...?
    I would see what you can apply for online now before you get there. Lots of places do their applications online such as most supermarkets, some clothes stores, etc.

    Good luck!
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    It depends what you're looking for really then, major chains you will have to apply online, there will be a fair bit of competition from others. You're also be working set hours in a supermarket, or a minimum number of weekly in a clothes shop. I worked in sainsbury's for nearly three years doing three evenings a week, but quit after I got to uni for a more flexible job.

    Bars, restaurants, events, catering, etc will be casual hours according to demand. Smaller places are more likely to hire from a cv, but make sure you change each one to fit the business.

    Something that's worked for me in the past is sending out emails with a cv attached saying something like I can't find any vacancies with you at the moment, but I really love the brand/whatever they sell/coming here as a kid and ask them to consider your cv.

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