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to remark or not to remark?

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    Hi guys.

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. After receiving my IB results I found I was one mark off achieving my offer of studying English at Birmingham Uni. I also got a 5 for English when the offer stipulated that I have to get a 6.

    I intended to ask for a remark but when I got the breakdowns I found that I was a 11% off getting a 6 and only 2% off of getting a 4 which quite surprised me because I thought I had done quite well. My whole class had their IA Orals moderated down which resulted in me getting knocked down 6 marks . I had another teacher who said my World Lit was a 7 when the IB only just gave it a 5.

    So my query is this: Is there any point in having my English remarked? Is the likelihood of it going up 11% very small? Is the risk of it going down to a 4 too great? Is the chance (however remote) of me getting a six really worth it in the end? Or should I just remark something else and just hope Birmingham is feeling merciful? I asked my IBC but she was no help at all.

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    Remark only if they wont confirm your place. Even then remark only if you plan to resit your exams or if your prepared to go into Clearing with the possibility of having a score of 4. If your not prepared for either, then dont risk a remark at all.
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    You are too close to the lower grade boundary, so if I were you, I wouldn't risk it...
    A 5 in English A1 HL is a respectable score. Talk to your university and see whether or not they are willing to take you with the 5 - if you have gotten your other points, there is a good chance that they take you as you are.


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