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How do you kill time in the holidays?

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    So the holidays are in full swing and for those in year 11 and 13, have been for quite some time.

    I work 8-4 about 3 days a week then spend the rest on the computer or watching films pretty much, though have started lifting weights in my room
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    TSR being the obvious answer here.
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    Watching films.
    Watching more films.
    Going to the gym/going for a run
    Watching even more films.
    Reading books.
    Watching yet more films.
    Meeting my friends.
    Guess what else?

    I'm going to try and work out just how many things I've watched since my final exam. This could take a while.
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    Play video games for the most part.

    Sort all the **** I completely ignore through the school year out (for example, I had like 4 years of bank statements all over the place)

    Updating my music library. For some reason during the school year, dowloading music seems far too taxing.

    Reading and watching movies.
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    Procrastinating on the internet...especially TSR!
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    I work two jobs.
    I visit my boyfriend every couple of weeks as he lives in London.
    Read books/magazines.
    Watch DVDs/a little daytime tv.
    Go out for walks/cycles to keep active.
    Do some chores/tidy the house when my parents are at work.
    Clean the car when the weather permits every week or two.
    See my friends when we're all available.
    And I'm in process of setting up myself a portfolio and blog online for my design work.
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    You are so lucky you work, I've been jobless since the 19th of June and it was fine fora while since I had my birthday to look forward to and also my friends birthday's but now my sister has finished school and I have to look after her so that's extra time for me at home -_- I pretty much just watch shows on my computer and tv and have t go out after 5/6pm(that's when my mum gets back) and if I can get money. Broke due to joblessness. I exercise at home now just to do something. I'm learning my theory as well So I can take the test and hopefully I'll start driving lessons again.
    I'm now part of this thing where I help promote and help on set for filming so that's something to look forward to. I just need to get a job now and some money so I can do more things. I'm now counting the days to results day and university.

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    I didn't do a lot when I was in school. I wish I did some volunteering and work experience, it would have made getting a part time job at uni much easier.
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    volunteer somewhere
    Get a job, if you can
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    Since I can't get a job, it's just sitting at home, watching films and TV shows haha
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    Find a clock or something that tells time, then find a weapon of some sorts, i.e hammer. Then proceed to destroy the thing that is telling time. You have successfully killed time.
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    With a gun *snigger*
    But no, I usually just browse TSR, YouTube and other sites, I don't have any friends here unfortunately
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    I just sit and think "how the **** am I going to kill time"
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    I'm off form work for 3 week and bored stiff. All I'm doing is exercising in the morning and watching telly and TSRing. Going away for a few days next week which should be fun that's about it really. Might get a bus ticket to london and visit family for a few days as well. :dontknow:
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    Watching Films and TV shows
    Going to the cinema
    Playing football
    Playing blackjack (fun way to make money)
    Reading pretty much anything
    Visit theme parks
    Volunteering (plan on starting soon)
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    Oh, thanks for reminding me Foghorn, I usually listen to the Ricky Gervais XFM shows - they never get old :P
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    I always thought the expression "To kill time" is a very amusing one. How can one actually kill time? You can't touch it. If you throw a clock off the top story of a building and it smashes, time still goes on. Even Superman himself has no power against it. Best to make friends with time or else gain an unbeatable foe!


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Updated: August 4, 2012
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