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If you could have one spell from 'Harry Potter' what would it be?

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    Imperius Curse, beyond any shadow of a doubt. It's defensive, offensive, and enables you to clean your house easily by 'enlisting' several slaves. Brilliant!
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    Stupefy - I just love pronouncing that word.
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    (Original post by Starrstruck)
    Stupefy - I just love pronouncing that word.
    I second this
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    ReputationRep: know why

    Reparo would be good too, I'm clumsy and things tend to break around me.
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    (Original post by The Baron) know why

    Reparo would be good too, I'm clumsy and things tend to break around me.
    Reducio...because you have an oversized penis? Is that the joke?
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    Alohomora, so I'd never need to run the risk of forgetting keys to my house.
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    Alohomora Never be locked out
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    Wingaaaardium Leviosaaa.

    Make the gaa nice and long.

    Honestly either the disillusionment charm or the imperius curse.
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    Accio invisibility cloak. Then proceed to stalk naked womenz
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    Probably Accio...because I'm too lazy to get up and get things myself :cool:
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    The extension charm! Turn anything into a mansion

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    Crucio because I´m a mean SOAB
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    Accio Virginity!
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    Incendioooooo! :wizard:

    I'm sure it'll come in very handy on a cold winter's night when I'm cuddling with a girl and we suddenly realise there's no fire burning merrily in the grate. :sexface:
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    But tbh Id much rather have the invisibility cloak!
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    (Original post by ROYP)
    Don't know if it's a spell but being an Animagus would be pretty sweet
    Nah, isn't is an everlasting potion or something?
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    (Original post by pbsjohnz)
    That is useless without dementors. I would want Flippendo from the playstation games.

    EDIT: Actually I change my mind, I want that spell that was at the Weasley's house in the movie, where all the pots and clothes were washing themselves.
    So? It can protect people from sadness, hardly seems useless to me.
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    Stupefy and Obliviate
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    None of them, I'd just want a firebolt.
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    Mine would be the invisibility charm that dumbledore can use and the spell they pratice on snails and lizards in Charms class in the 5th book. But im not sure that they actually say the name of the spell.


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