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TSR hits 1 million members: How has TSR helped you?

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    TSR helped me get a job


    1 million member, woohoo! :party:

    TSR helped me develop my debating technique as well as helping to assert my political allegiance. (Because there is nothing better than arguing politics at 1am.)

    It has also picked me up from lows, and helped me to revise tricky AS level topics.

    I also enjoy talking to people with the anonymity of a screen because then it is purely due to the words that you express yourself and make friends.

    I LOVE YOU! :tsr:

    <3 x

    (Original post by CJ)
    TSR has hit 1 millions members! :woo:

    In a series of threads, we're asking... How TSR has helped you!

    For Jess, this was helping with Uni and subject choices, making a best friend and entering into a relationship

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    How abut you?

    Check out our other million member threads:

    It's helped me with my studies and how to revise for my exams and what kind of answers I should expect and that everyone has a similar story on TSR which you can relate too. (:

    The H&R board has taught me a lot.

    Go this forum discuss something. Sometime I make noise with some student. But I very happy when I know this site. I hope everybody support together.

    It has helped me so much!

    I was lost and confused in terms of what I wanted to study, and this website helped me onto the right track!

    It has also helped me with personal issues, and other issues in my education. TSR has also given me a platform to air my opinions with other like-minded people.


    (Original post by thunder_chunky)
    The H&R board has taught me a lot.
    Same here.

    Also just want to add, thanks to all the people who have advised me on going for my choice of subject for a degree, when I was struggling with A Levels, and when I have had so many personal issues

    It helped me get into medicine, and has helped me plenty with my personal life, having met uni friends on TSR before real life, and has improved my love-life somewhat too :lol:

    Stay classy, TSR :top:

    TSR is helped me greatly to meet new ppl... who gradually helped to answer all my questions abt the uni's and life at uni!!

    TSR has really been a great experience!! I couldn't ask for better!!! :banana:

    AND THE emoticons are the best part of this site!!! :banana2:

    This site is great for digging up resources and also provides you with a chance to interact with various people! Love it!


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Updated: July 30, 2012
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