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South Park vs Simpsons vs Family Guy POLL

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  • View Poll Results: Which is the best TV show?
    The Simpsons
    South Park
    Family Guy
    They're all brilliant
    They're all crap
    I don't care

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    South Park is one of those rare shows that, in my opinion, is getting better all the time. The first season was funny, made me laugh out loud which is rare, but now it's clever and makes me laugh every time I re-watch an episode. And that they can dish out brilliant stories that are relevant to current events in such quick time, just blows my mind.

    As for Family Guy, even Seth Macfarlane thought it should have ended several seasons ago. I still think it's funny but it's lost it in recent seasons.
    Also, American Dad > Family Guy
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    South Park no question.

    Futurama is even better though, the sheer nerdyness of the jokes is brilliant.
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    The Simpsons (or, rather, 90s Simpsons).

    Then South Park.

    Then Family Guy.
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    South Park is the DON! It's right up my street! But it is far more "shock-funny" as in 'can they say that?' as opposed to the wittier humour you get from Family Guy and The Simpsons, so I understand exactly why people may prefer another.
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    Simpsons is in a league of it's own. Then trailing far behind is South Park and then Family Guy.
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    In their prime, I'd put South Park and Simpsons on a par for their sheer ingenuity. Both superior to classic Family Guy; although in its prime Family Guy was definitely good.

    Used to love FG, but then I matured and began to just not find it as funny. I laughed at maybe one in 5 new episodes. I also took the time to begin to appreciate South Park; ironically enough, I figured that a mature outlook on life is pretty vital for true appreciation of South Park.

    Also started rediscovering The 90s Simpsons episodes I was watching throughout my teenage years - I found them funny back then; but now, looking back, the amount of hilarious ingenious humour that went straight over my head is completely astounding...

    In 2012, they're all a bit crap. South Park still wins though - because it was still ingeniously hilarious as of 2011; something that can be said for neither The Simpsons nor Family Guy.
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    I'm personally really surprised by the results - I used to love the Simpsons, but I think it was better a few years ago, the humour doesn't always work for me any more. South Park is interesting but has never really appealed to me for some reason. I'm surprised Family Guy is lagging, it's such a great show IMO! Up there with American Dad and Futurama :rolleyes:
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    Classic simpsons will always be my favourite overall. The thing with classic simpsons is there are lots of subtle jokes that you may have missed first time so you can watch them over and over and still find them funny. But if you only consider recent stuff i'd have to go with futurama and south park being my favourites right now.
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    South Park gets boring pretty fast IMO. Same with Family Guy which, although it has some hilarious gaffes, also has long drawn out fight scenes and music vids etc to fill time. Both are full of real crass, cheap, dumb-as-soup American humour.

    Simpsons, on the other hand, has made me laugh as I've grown up and even as my sense of humour has changed. It's just brilliant and scores top marks for longevity.
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    Family Guy - was great but it gets old after awhile and now days jokes are recycled
    South Park - each season lately has episodes that either hit or miss but when it hits it's usually a classic episode
    The Simpsons - never got into the Simpsons

    South Park wins imo
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    When I watch old episodes of Simpsons I see all of the jokes aimed at adults for the first time. I like it.
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    In no way should Family Guy come anywhere but third in this list.
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    Futurama beats them all.
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    South park definitely- you can actually laugh out loud at any episode, but The Simpsons are pretty good too, the older episodes are more funny though.
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    South park is amazing. I'm watching it now. The margaritaville one

    (Original post by The Patriot)
    South Park is the DON! It's right up my street! But it is far more "shock-funny" as in 'can they say that?' as opposed to the wittier humour you get from Family Guy and The Simpsons, so I understand exactly why people may prefer another.
    you're missing the jokes bro
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    I find south to be the most interesting and funny. Then my second would be family guy, since I still get a laugh out of it. As for simpson, well I never really got into it so I can't comment on it.
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    Simpsons, shame the new ones are so ****e.
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    I have to vote for the Simpsons simply because of it's family appeal. Classics Simpsons can be enjoyed by adults and children alike (some of the new episodes are pretty dire, sadly the same can be said for South Park and Family Guy). Personally, I believe South Park is the best animated show on TV but it can be pretty crude at times- the reason why so many people dismiss it. It's always topical and definitely brings the most laughs while trying to deliver a positive message. Family guy is really meh. It just feels like a load of random stuff happening with a weak storyline to make sure it isn't too disorganised. It can be funny, sure, but in terms of quality it falls far below the Simpsons and South Park. To my great anger, all three of these shows use fart jokes- South Park seems to make fun of them rather than use them for cheap laughs though, giving them an extra thumbs up.
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    Peak simpsons was the best, even more amazing is that it was funny but the creators still managed to keep it PG-12 rated. The difficulty in creating funny material without using adult-themes is under-rated.

    Peak south park comes after simpsons, and after that family guy.
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    (Original post by Betacra)
    South Park for sheer consistency.
    you've not seen some of the episodes from season 13 onwards?


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