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Tips on being a really good waitress.

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    (Original post by Polly1101)
    I don't know, i've had experiences of forgetting to put an order in the system, and blaming it on the kitchen, then another member of staff uses another excuse etc etc. I always find it is best in most situations to just say 'i'm really sorry, it was my fault' and explain how you'll fix it, and check they are happy in the mean time (e.g., while they wait for their main, check that they have enough drinks, maybe give them some complimentary nibbles etc).
    Well i suppose with things like that then yeah, but what I mean is when the **** hits the fan behind the bar and behind the hotplate in the kitchen. The customers tend to be oblivious to the imminent armageddon that is happening. I.e. lack of staff, lack of stock, ice machine broken, staff having a mental break down, staff trying to kill each other etc lol.
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    Seriously it's miserable as hell, you'll be on your feet the whole time and will get precious little reward for any extra effort you put in, so just try and do a reasonable job and not piss anyone off.

    From some of the above people are making out like you're trying to impress someone, you're really not. That being said, I find some (few and far between) customers are friendly and bother to say thank you and be communicative, and I always make an effort with them. But the majority of the time people will do everything but ignore you and there's no point trying to impress them really.

    /End bitter and cynical post :pierre:
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    smiling face and humble attitude - u've got the essential characteristics to be a good waitress - good job. as far as the order remembering and carrying plates is concerned, it will become better by time. dont worry. just focus on what ur doin
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    (Original post by Aaaaaaaargh!)
    Stand up to them too. Generally I've found they're so stumped when someone fights fire with fire that they end the rant pretty quickly
    Oh yes, definitely. I should have said as well: Don't just roll over and take it. You learn to become very thick skinned working as a waitress/waiter, but if you're getting screamed at unnecessarily, don't go away and cry in the toilets. Don't take any crap, if its not your fault tell them its not your bloody fault

    I used to work in a cafe/restaurant where the boss hired the cheapest possible workers (almost inevitably 16 year old girls on ther first job). The staff turnover was ridiculous, because they just took everything that was shouted at a busy moment in the kitchen to heart. I lost count of the amount of times I ended up with waitresses coming to me in tears (I was the restaurant supervisor) because the chef had shouted at them :rolleyes: The kitchen can be really stressful and a lot of chefs' cping mechanism is to scream at whoever is within screaming distance. Don't take crap and don't take anything to heart.

    (Original post by Ras17)
    Wow! What happened to that poor waiter was grim! Fantastic professionalism though
    I know, I was in awe I could never have done that, I'd have been effing and blinding all over the place, no matter how professional I was trying to be! Which wouldn't have been good, because it was a pretty fancy restaurant. But still, scalding soup all over your arm, I think you could be forgiven. Hehe.


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