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Drunk friends

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    I drink quite a lot and there seems to be a list of people I always seem to text/skype/facebook message when I'm drunk and I never really speak to them at any other time. A few of them have started asking to meet me when I'm free and stuff and I just palm them off, even though I have no reason not to go. They're not bad company and I can't offer a reason as to why I decline but I was just wondering does anyone else have these drunk friends?
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    i have friends i only see when alcohol is involved, like to go on a night out or if i'm having a house party or something. i'd never arrange to meet up with them during the day for coffee or lunch or whatever.
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    Don't drink alone. I think most people have drunk friends. No reason why they shouldn't be worth seeing sober though, remember, alcohol's how we make friends, not how we keep them.
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    There are no kind as "Drunk Friends" they are just your friends with there own habits.. If you are really there friend then accept them the way they are !


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Updated: July 27, 2012
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