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The Lottery could fix the economy?

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    As some of you will be aware the Lottery this Friday will apparently be making 100 millionaires in the UK as well as the jackpot prize still up for grabs...

    My question is, why can't they do something like this every week? Instead of the roll-overs and the massive jackpots they could spread more money out to those with less numbers for example. Or they could continue doing what they have done this week which is ensure many people will suddenly gain a lot of money.

    Wouldn't this be far more beneficial for the country's economy? Especially since people who win the lottery in the UK can apparently not take their money anywhere else.

    Even if it won't effect the economy that much it should still be changed imo.
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    The money still comes from the UK economy. It is just taking £1 from a million stupid UK people and redistributing it to one stupid but insanely lucky UK person.
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    The lottery is the best method ever devised for the purpose of taxing the poor.
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    (Original post by ckingalt)
    The lottery is the best method ever devised for the purpose of taxing the poor.
    The lottery is a tax on people who can't do math

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