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I recently dug my toasted sandwich maker out of the cupboard

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    Opened this thread knowing full well it'd make me hungry :facepalm: I'll go grab my dodgy broccoli salad out of the work fridge.

    Oh the things I'd do for a toastie right now!

    (Original post by alexmagpie)
    We have a posh 'panini press' now, which doesn't seal the edges, but it's not the same as the old one... I kinda miss being burned by bursting molten cheese lava when I bit into it.
    Molten cheese lava oomg. I think Heston Blumental made a HUGE cheese toasty and said that the cheese gets to around 75 degrees C but the hottest temperature a mouth can realistically stand was 60. So silly :rofl:

    (Original post by cats are cool)
    You are insane, a good tuna melt is one of the most beautiful things in the world
    I am not insane! Tuna and cheese is weird! Tuna goes with mayo!

    for tuna an cheese lovers.

    tuna, cheese, mayo and baron's chilli sauce.

    and for the days when chilli is too much...tuna, cheese, mayo and red onion...u may not wish to kiss anyone after but, your taste buds will be happy...

    Darn it, OP, now I want a cheese toastie! Not even cheese with anything else, just cheese.

    Cheese and pesto :coma:. SO GOOD. This thread has inspired me to make some late night toasties.

    oh my god I'm salivating like Pavlovs dogs reading this thread :bell:

    a personal fav...thick layer of choc spread and butter.


    just chesse!!

    the best so far cheese and mince - cooked mince of course!

    The best cheese and "tomato" toastie can be made with:

    Two slices of Hovis wholemeal bread, covered with marg. on the outsides, Heinz tomato sauce on the insides, and slices of cheddar between.

    Cooks best with a gas grill, tastes divine; though care should be taken not to set fire to the kitchen.

    (Original post by emthedrummer)
    Cheese and tuna?!
    With cheese?!
    Are you broken?!

    Cheese is fantastic though.

    Edit: woah, woah, woah, why all the neg?! Just because I don't like cheese and tuna?
    Mine was more in response to your edit :rolleyes:

    MASSIVE craving for a toastie now,

    specifically a cheese and marmite one.

    Left over curries are great in toasties.

    In fact sometimes I make a curry for the sole purpose of putting it in the toasted sandwich maker.

    I have a special 'Toastie' recipe book - you can make pasties/calzones/spring rolls from scratch in those things! They're really nice too.

    My general toastie was cheese, ham and tomato.

    I used to do a desert with peanut butter (crunchy!) and chocolate, then served with ice cream - delicious.

    My favourite recipe was probably garlic mushrooms, with a little bit of creme fraiche, then toasted between wholemeal bread.

    Amazing! red Leicester, tomato, salt and pepper is what I always put in.

    Spicy mince in a toastie is heavenly.

    (Original post by TenOfThem)
    I had forgotten how good a cheese and onion toastie tastes
    Yummyy! Seriously considering taking my mum's to university but I found those greaseproof sandwich bags; you pop a sandwich into the bag, put it in the toaster, instant toastie, omnomnom.


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Updated: August 2, 2012
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