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I'm giving away a professional car gps satnav app for iPhone to TSRrs.

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    Hi All,

    I'm not gonna even mention the company's name because I don't want to be accused of trying to market anything on this forum.

    I just want to do something nice for this cool community.

    So... if any of you need or want a professional, voice-guided GPS navigation app for your iPhone, you can hit me up in a private message and I'll send you the download link and a redeem code to activate it.

    My company gets a bunch of these codes anyway and I'd rather distribute them to some starving students than just have them go to waste.

    The app is legit and not cheap. App/map packages from around the world range from $30 to €60.

    Just specify for which country/region you need it for.

    I can't do an unlimited amount, but I'll probably be able to swing a few dozen.

    It's first come, first served.

    And of course, if you like the app, rate it and review it and tell your friends and family about it. Quid pro quo. That's latin for "Let's scratch each other's backs!"

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    Only two hookups so far.

    Why is everyone so shy?

    Are there no iPhone owners who drive cars on this board?
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