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What level does this teaching course prepare you to teach at e.g. GCSE, A-Level..?

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    I am considering doing a teaching course in my year out of study before going to university and I have found City and Guilds ''Award in Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector'' which is a Level 4 qualification. Here it is:


    It does not say what kind of level this prepares to teach at and I have no idea what the 'lifelong learning sector' is. If I were to do this course then would I be qualified to teach A-Level Maths after graduating from university (doing Maths)?

    Any recommendations on 1 year teaching courses that would be necessary to teach at Level 3/4 would be nice (that only requires GCSEs and A-Levels)

    Thank you for your time.
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    You're doing maths at uni, but I think you'd still have to do a pgce as well, so I'm not sure what the point of this is unless its for teaching assistants or more like an access course.
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    The PTLLS is the first stage for those planning to teach in the Lifelong Learning sector (post 16). It is a 10 week course which gives you some insight into teaching adults before commencing a full Diploma (DTLLS) which is a 2 year p/t course equivalent to a CertEd or PGCE.
    You would be able to work in an FE or 6th Form College and teach A level Maths but you would be paid as unqualified until you complete DTLLS.
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    I have PTLLS qualifications and would like to do dtlls but how do I go about getting teaching experience, I graduated 2010 in Applied Information Technology, would I have to do a top up in the subject before embarking on dtlls,


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