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Biomedical Sciences September 2012 Leeds Metropolitan University

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    Hi guys!

    I am going to start my BSc Biomedical Sciences at Leeds Met 2012,13, I´m a mature student wondering if anyone is on the same shoe?! Looking forward to meet loads of friends
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    yeah im starting on the same course in September too , but im only 18 aha.
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    As am I
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    Hello guys!

    That´s OK the "same shoes" thing was more about the course and the uni I am going on 10 of September for the fresher week cause I am from EU are about you guys?
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    I'm from Doncaster, South Yorkshire
    Im getting my keys for Opal 1 on the 1st, and should of moved in by the freshers week.. anyone know the actually dates for freshers as my course doesnt start until the 17th ?
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    I'm from Middlesbrough! Getting my keys for Carlton hill on the 8th then freshers is from 10th till 17th! Can't wait!!! 😃

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    Hi guys
    Does anyone knows when the timetable is going to be available?
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    hi guys i've also applid for biomedical sciences at leeds met really stressed out thought for results. The entry points are 180 does anoyone know the minimum amount of points they let you in with pls
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    also if anyone knows can you pls pm me about it im staying at opal 1 too by the way
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    hi, im doing this course (integrated masters route) and looking forward loads of new people
    im 19 by the way. im staying at carton hill (as far as i know)
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    how comes the entry requirements are so low?? ive jus been offered a place through clearing. Most likely i will be accepting it and im 20 lol.
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    I think its just trying to give everyone a chance, and there are different types, so just trying to fill places I assume. x
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    Thats good then.
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    Which Biomedical Science degree is best if you wish for a career in the nhs/hospital labs?
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    Timetables are available from the 1st September.
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    I recently got a place on the biomed with phyiology/pharmacology. Anyone wanna be bestest mates like? I'm halfway normal
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    I got a place doing Biomed human biology, can't wait to start!
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    (Original post by epicgiraffe)
    Timetables are available from the 1st September.
    Just wondered i you know where i can find the timetable come 1st sept? Trying to sort work out!

    I am also starting in Sept, from Leeds and I am 20
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    They're avaliable on the X-Stream system. https://x-stream.leedsmet.ac.uk/webapps/login/ use your login and password here the same as where you accepted the place
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    (Original post by curlyheadedfrick)
    I recently got a place on the biomed with phyiology/pharmacology. Anyone wanna be bestest mates like? I'm halfway normal
    Yes please Where are you staying? I'm only a quarter normal... or i'd like to think .. hope thats not a problem


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Updated: September 16, 2012
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