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classy glasses

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    Imagine donning a beautiful evening-gown. I can't for the life of me think of a suitable frame to accompany such a dress.

    Or more generally for elegant, feminine clothing. What's the best match in glasses, most frames seem just out of place to me?!

    I can't wear an oval/round-shaped frame as it really accentuates my bulbous nose. My current pair is like this:

    chic but somehow doesn't go with more feminine dresses.

    pls advise?
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    bump, please.

    can you not get contacts? you're right in that glasses and formal wear really don't mix well.

    if you must wear them, i'd go for as thin and dainty frames as possible. so if those frames that you linked to suit your face well, get a pair similar to that but with a really thin frame/half frame.

    Yeah go for contacts if possible, if not, I'm totally loving the Karen Millen ones atm:

    Going to save up for them. I currently own Georgio Armani ones which cost like £200 but they are mens ones and a little too big. Also, Victoria Beckham is releasing some next year which will be sooo nice..

    they are expensive but worth it.. I would spend that amount on a handbag so this is just another accessory.

    You could try gok wan's. You said you have a 'bulbus' nose so something to draw the eyeline away for example dark framed on top might help? http://www.specsavers.co.uk/gok-wan/ (see the model in the top pic) xx

    I think 1950's style cat eye glasses can look quite chic with formal wear, especially more 'vintage' styles. Otherwise, yeah like people have said contacts are probably the way to go!

    Two letters - CK.
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