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    I am an international student from Singapore, was wondering under the UCAS options which qualification should i choose? As the A-Levels qualification to be added under schools has the option of A*, but in my country it isn't possible to achieve such a grade?

    In addition, if you have reference letters given to you by the places where you intern at, where should you attach it to?

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    Hi, I'm from Singapore too

    I'm sorry I can't recall exactly what options I chose, but the qualification selected definitely did not have an A* option. Are you able to ask your school's UK university coordinator for this? In my case, my coordinator did provide us with all the qualifications to chose for A levels and IP/O levels.

    As for the reference, you can pass them to your referee (I suppose this will be one of your JC tutors?) and ask him/her to include whatever's written in it.
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    Thx! One more qn, in that case am i able to ask the clinic itself to do a reference on me?

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    I'm not too sure about this. How long was your internship and what did you do? I´d ask for a reference only if the people at the clinic know you quite well. If not, I'd ask only for proof that you had interned there.
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    I'm assuming that your main reference will be from your JC tutor? Unless you specifically include it in your UCAS reference, the other references from any work attachments you've had probably won't come into play in your online application and most likely won't be brought up in any medical interviews either.

    Also, just select the GCE A'Level option under education. The admissions team for the respective universities are most likely aware that there isn't an A* grade awarded in Singapore. Additionally, if I remember correctly, you can also include any extra awards you've obtained (i.e. Local or international Olympiad medals or even the Nanyang Concept Test).

    Good luck with your application.


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Updated: July 26, 2012
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