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Romney’s Remarks on Olympics Cause Stir in London

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    (Original post by Studentus-anonymous)
    Actually the police nicked cyclists protesting in London for using a Zil lane or something....
    Oh dear, aren't we a police state for prioritising lanes in such an overcrowded and claustrophobic city. I'm guess the socialist minions of Hitler, Mao and Stalin combined would've given them so much more, right?
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    Silly ****. Should mind his own business.
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    (Original post by Studentus-anonymous)
    Actually the police nicked cyclists protesting in London for using a Zil lane or something, and the Olympic village had to bulldoze a neighbourhood sooo...

    Not exactly clean hands either.
    No they didnt there was nothing there before the park was built it was a desolate toxic dump.
    Also the police nicked the cyclists for breach of the peace not solely for using the Olympic lane
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    (Original post by MixtliMix)
    I suggest you learn to distinguish between free markets and capitalism.

    Your idea of "free market capitalism" is essentially the right's version of communism. It's never been implemented successfully, and where people have tried it, the end results have been utterly disastrous.

    "Free market" as it's used in economic jargon does not mean unregulated. You seriously need to start from the basics.
    (Original post by Spaz Man)
    Please elaborate.


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Updated: July 29, 2012
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