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Did you enjoy the Olympic Ceremony? (POLL)

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  • View Poll Results: What did you think of the Olympic Ceremony?
    It was good
    It was average
    It was bad

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    It was pretty good but what made it really good for me was realizing that one of the "young olympians" lighting the cauldron was in the year below me at my school. He was the tall blonde guy.
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    (Original post by jaklargerne)
    Not compareable to Beijing because it was totally different. I really liked it, especially the final was excellent. I think you did a very good job not trying to copy Beijing but create something totally different. Greetings from Germany!
    This :yep:
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    Favourite part tbh
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    I'm gonna say good PURELY because of the Queens "I don't give a" look for 99% of the ceremony.

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    I really liked how they got the seven aspiring athletes to light the flame.
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    Beginning was a bit odd, but after the Bond and Queen literal 'skyfall', it was good.
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    Loved it!

    Most memorable part for me was the chimneys rising in the industrial revolution bit. Also the Olympic rings getting raised into the air was amazing.

    I thought Mr Bean and James Bond with the Queen were both hilarious.

    I know it’s been said that many people from other countries might not understand the history, and I admit I did think this when it was happening, but I don’t think you needed to understand the history to appreciate how spectacular it was.
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    It was brilliant, bonkers and quintessentially british. Of course some bits were far better than others.

    I have to admit although i loved the first bit, i don't think many foreign nations will understand what so ever it was about.

    I loved how there was Kenneth Branagh, Rowan Atkinson and JK Rowling.
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    Oh yes, and the bit for mr Bean was good too. The rings bit was aesthetically great.
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    I absolutely loved it although I know other countries won't understand a fair bit of it and there were so many people out of time. It was wonderful though
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    I was confused at the start but it became a lot better as it went on.

    It was good
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    (Original post by allypallywally)
    I thought parts of it were amazing, the only thing that slightly annoyed me was that all the actors/comedians/ musicians were all men and I feel as though he could easily found more women, apart from that I really loved it though!
    Emeli Sande? JK Rowling?
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    Fabulous; really enjoyed it.
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    Loved it, I'm feeling extremely patriotic now.
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    Loved it. And I was a total Olympic moaner beforehand and thought the opening ceremony would fall flat on its face. I'm actually pleased I was proven wrong!
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    Chinese were impressive but British were British, and that is way more important.:holmes:

    This was posted from The Student Room's Android App on my MB860
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    I had to miss some parts (when countries made their appearance) but even then it was great
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    After being incredibly optimistic in the run up, I did think "what on earth is happening" for the first couple of minutes - I guess the back of my mind was expecting the pomp and pageantry we got used to from Beijing!

    Though once I dropped that expectation and watched it as it's own show, I absolutely loved it. I personally much prefer it to Beijings (I say personally - art is a very personal thing and no-one has the right to dictate that their subjective opinions on art are fact!). One of the commentators said it was "organised chaos", which I think summed it up perfectly, whereas I thought Beijing was more of a strictly technical show compared to our more informal and unique interpretation.

    In fact, although I'm fully aware China has moved on greatly and isn't like this any more, I personally felt undertones of the stereotypical communist displays of regiments of people doing everything perfectly but without "heart" - scared they'll be punished if they put a step wrong.
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    Didn't like the music jamming midway. It was like some T-mobile flash mob.
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    (Original post by defrule)
    Didn't like the music jamming midway. It was like some T-mobile flash mob.
    Yeah I didn't really get that.

    And that whole little love story thing was just a bit cheesy


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