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my new kitten wont eat

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    i've just bought a new kitten yesterday, she's 7 and a half weeks old and this is her third home already, the first being the breeder and second was the woman who was selling her. She seems to be settling in well she's very vocal and loves cuddles (maybe a little bit too much). She was the smallest in her litter so she was bullied by her two brothers which probably explains why she is staying very close to me. She got here at around 5pm yesterday and has not eaten at all and hardly drank any of her water, she has been given the same food as she was eating before she came to me and i have put down a fresh bowl of food four times so far. Has anybody got any advice to try and get her to eat something as I don't want her making herself ill?

    She's probably not hungry at the moment because of the nerves. Leave the food and drink out for her, leave and come back and check if she's eaten/drunk (measure it or something lol) within the next day. do NOT disturb the food in the meantime, nor watch her eating if she goes toward the food. If the kitten still hasn't eaten or drunk, it may be prudent to ask the vet for advice because there's only so long that a kitten cannot eat or drink and still survive.

    In any case, it's nice to know you've got a kitten :3 best of luck with it!

    Monitor her closely; if she isn't eating or drinking she could become dehydrated which you can't afford to happen at her age. If she won't eat her usual food put a warm, smelly meat on her paws so she has to lick the food off.

    Take it back to the shop and get a refund/exchange. Do you still have the receipt?

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    well she is now eating but has a very small appetite I have also been very closely monitoring her and have made a lit of things that i would say are abnormal.
    -she is straining to urinate
    - she sleeps excessively
    - she doesnt play like normal kittens should
    - she drinks very little, she does drink but only a very small amount
    - she doesnt like being touches on her sides
    - she smells, but this may be as she came from a house with around 12 other kittens of a similar age
    - she has diarrhoea, ive heard this is quite a common issue with kittens though
    I am wondering whether these are all sypmtoms of one illness, a range of problems, or me just being paranoid, she is booked in at the vets for her first vaccinations and a checkup on monday but has anybody had these problems with kittens before or does anyone have some advice. I am probably overthinking it and getting worried over nothing but i just want her to be as healthy as possible.

    Your kitten is far too young to have been taken from its mother! That's why it's having problems - it won't actually know how to eat properly yet. Theis and the fact that you're posting on here shows you know **** all about kittens.

    (Original post by Juno)
    Your kitten is far too young to have been taken from its mother! That's why it's having problems - it won't actually know how to eat properly yet. Theis and the fact that you're posting on here shows you know **** all about kittens.
    This is true, cats should be about 12 weeks before they are ready to be taken away from their mother. If they are taken to early things like this can happen. You should try ring a vet and see if they can help.

    Your kitten is far too young! The woman who sold her obviously knows nothing to give away a kitten like that lol you will need to get a milk mix, which your vet probably sells, then bottle feed the kitten until it is old enough for solid foods.

    Your kitten will also be very stressed so that can lead to a loss of appetite too.


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