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Graduate work experience and general entry requirement queries.

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    Hi all,

    I've done some shifting around the web looking at the extent of my options. I graduated from Liverpool with a 2:2 in Bioveterinary Science, and then went on to do a Masters in Vet Infection and Disease Control, which I successfully attained.

    I had hopes of entering the graduate course after my initial degree, but I was turned down by Nott & RVC London, and the fees posed by the other universities, including Liverpool scared me off.

    Two (ish) years later, I've not really progressed anywhere with something that looks like a career, and I'm still thinking about doing the Vet course. It's a little late now for 2013 entry by my reckoning, but I may be able to do it if I get a few confirmations to a few queries.

    While undertaking my BSc and my MSc I completed optional EMS that was documented on the University database, this totalled to around 12 weeks plus of Veterinary practice (Small animal only) Dairy, Equine and Companion Animal experience. This was around 4 years ago though, is it still valid for an application?
    I can obviously build on this, but October is approaching fast.

    Second question relates to my degrees. I obviously attained a pretty poor mark for my BSc. I had some ill-health and suffered other problems throughout this, and during my MSc I also suffered some problems. It's not going to be taken into account when I apply I don't think, but do you think that this is enough to get considered for a place on the graduate course?

    Any and all advice welcome.

    Unfortunately you need a 2:1 to apply for the graduate courses. I also got a conditional 2:1 offer for the 5 year course at Bristol when I already had 5 As at A Level including biology and chemistry. However RVC just gave me an unconditional offer before I got my degree results (for the 5 year course) based on my A Levels. I would suggest that if nothing else is for you then you retake any A Levels you may need to to apply for the 5 year course at RVC/Notts. the graduate course is just too competative for them to ignore your lack of 2:1. Something else you may consider is applying to a European uni eg UVM in Slovakia which is cheaper in both fee and living costs although you get no loan. You will definitely be eligible for their 6 year course and they're v friendly in answering questions so you can always e-mail to ask if they'd consider you for the 4 year. You don't get a loan if you study abroad, but then again you only get a maintenance loan here for a second degree. There's a really good 'UVM Kosice' thread on here, hunt around for it and good luck
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    Thanks for the reply Stef!

    I sent an email yesterday to Liverpool's Admissions dept. I guess I didn't make it clear on my first post but I was going to try there, and find a way to pull together the fees. Where there's a will there's a way, though I will be honest, I don't have funding in place right now.
    I had a friend that applied before qualifying from the Biovet course who got a place, but only achieved a 2:2 classification.
    They might have just made an exception though, but success favours the bold

    That's some really amazing information though, I hadn't even considered going outside of the UK to study. It would be much easier to find the funds for the Kosice course.

    I attained an ABB at A-level, respectively Chemistry, Biology and Art & Design (I know, I know..) so I guess I could add Maths and Physics to that repertoire. I got an interview at RVC last time round, but was later rejected. So I can take heart that I atleast passed the BMAT threshold

    For now though I will send an email to UVM Kosice and see what they say!

    Sounds good! Yeah money is an absolute nightmare as a grad :-/ honestly though if you can find a way to fund it then you are likely to be offered a place somewhere at one of the more expensive UK unis - they love our money! Consider Edinburgh as they tend to be a bit more lenient with grads (but are ridiculously expensive!) But yes if not definitely have a look at UVM Kosice. I was convinced I was going there until I somehow got an RVC offer - very lucky I know!!

    Let me know how you get on

    From a slightly cynical point of view, the places that charge full fees tend to be a little bit more lenient on entry requirements - I know people who have got into Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow as graduates with a 2:2 (a couple of people with a 2:2 and good-ish alevels, and someone else with a 2:2 and a masters). Whereas RVC and Nottingham can afford to be pickier as they have sooo many grads apply due to their lower fees. Having said that I do know at least one person here with a 2:2 (and masters) - so might still be worth applying.

    A couple of things though - you might well have time to pull an application together for this year, but some more current work experience would be best (again, esp for RVC and Nottm), even if it is booked but not completed by the application deadline. Don't forget the BMAT for RVC - which does need some preparation time, and is an important part of who they interview. If you do decide to go down the route of somewhere with full fees, make sure you work your finances out well. You won't get much help from student finance - just a maintenance loan. Career development loans are getting fewer and fewer, a lot of banks dont offer them now. And you can't rely on earning/working loads during you course - a bit in the first couple of years, but not much at all 3rd year onwards. As stef says, there are always other countries as well which offer vet med - kosice is the one mentioned on here a lot.
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    Thanks for the extra info. I haven't heard back yet from either UVM or Liverpool, but I'll keep all that in mind. I likely can't apply in the next year, or even two, as I don't have anyone I can loan money from, and I don't have that much squirreled away.

    I largely gave up on this, because I believed it impossible, but I'm really glad I found this forum, it's given me hope it's all possible now! If I have any more info I'll post it here. But for now, thank you so very much!

    You'd definitely be able to do the 4 year course at Kosice and since we get much more holiday time there's the chance to work in the weeks off to help fund it more.
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