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Keeping Friends...

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    Recently, when I've been thinking more about when I go to university I've realised that I don't want to keep in contact with my friends, I don't know why because I like spending time with them, but when they were talking about keeping in touch I thought I didn't want to, is there something wrong with feeling like that?

    I feel exactly the same way, though it worries me about when I'm back home for the holidays and have no one to really hang out with.

    I found it very awkward at prom when everyone was crying their eyes out and I stood near the door waiting for my friends to finish so we could get in the taxi - all the while rolling my eyes at them all . It annoyed me that people I'd barely spoken to/hadn't been very nice to me in the past were turning to me as they left telling me how much they'll miss me and how we should meet up in the summer - WTF?!


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Updated: July 28, 2012
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