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M112 - Motion on Tube and bus announcements

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    (Original post by toronto353)
    Morgsie, it's a joke motion so it doesn't really matter as such. It's the joke that matters.
    It is a technical point which I am raising like people mentioning Devolution and the powers devolved.
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    (Original post by Morgsie)
    It is a technical point which I am raising like people mentioning Devolution and the powers devolved.
    Yes, but in a joke motion debate, it doesn't really matter. barnetlad could choose to nationalise the moon so that every UK citizen can have a lifetime's supply of cheese. Of course it's ridiculous and doesn't make sense and breaks many rules, but it's a joke motion so it's allowed.
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    (Original post by Lipvig)
    It so does.
    But the hair and the voice together... :sogood:
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    As soon as buses in London started talking, I got very loud noise-cancelling earphones.
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    Boris's voice is to be heard no more on the tube or bus. Rejoice at that news!

    I have asked the Speaker that the motion be withdrawn.
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    This has been withdrawn.
Updated: August 2, 2012
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