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If you could only have one child, would you prefer to have a boy or a girl?

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    wow so much bias against female children even among western raised people. 60-30% is quite sad. It's not just guys either one girl even said she'd prefer a boy. It is still shocking though. why should the gender matter? why can't you be happy whatever gender it is..why stereotype daughters as being like this or sons being like this. And i thought this bias just existed in india, china and asian countries through all religions.

    its sad that 2 million female infants have been murdered in countries, often with female collaboration, because being male is seen as more valuable. However, since the bias against female children exists here you can't really say much about it. to know the extent of the problem watch this subtitled episode on femal foeticide.


    It's not just an asian thing centuries ago female foeticide used to happen in anglo-celtic circles as well. IN fact remnants of such thought can be seen in the comments above valuing male children over females.

    it's kind of sad. Both are equally valuable. Personally, i would prefer a girl because girls generally are very loving towards fathers and i'd love to spoil my daughter.

    Interesting that a british asian started this thread as those sexist and regressive beliefs are quite common among british asian families as well. is it no wonder that british asian guys are not seen as attractive because of sexist regressive beliefs.

    In some places in India and China there is such shortage of girls that hundreds of thousands of guys are remaining single or practices such as purchasing wives is happening.

    if you have time..watch this (it is subtitled) and you will see that this is not merely a small problem

    I wonder where all who are indiscriminately choosing boys would be if your mother had not given birth to you. Or if males outnumbered females in the UK. Would you have a happier world? Father is equally important but the mother goes through 9 months of pain to deliver..her contribution is greater.
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    A girl. I think it would be nice to dress her up (girls clothes are way cooler ) give her advice when shes old enough to date and do mother-daughter bonding. I could do all that with a son, but if I had to pick, I'd want a girl.

    Actually, if i had kids, I'd want both, a boy and a girl. Complete set

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    Boy so I can show him how to play football, shoot and make cocktails and choose the correct wine when out for dinner.
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    (Original post by College_Dropout)
    Boy, costs less in my opinion.
    I agree, I can imagine a teenage girl being much more vulnerable to peer pressure and wanting a £200 dress for some stupid occasion never to be worn again. I wouldn’t want to deal with hormonal teenage girls. On top of that I would be able to relate better with a boy and not have to ward off any teenage boyfriends that are brought home lol.
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    (Original post by covered farm wagon)
    Oh heavenly blessed beauty, whose beauty would inspire jealousy even in the most magnificently aureate of women; the kind of women sculpted by the classical masters, captured by painters for hundreds of years, and immortalised in both film and art. Yours is a beauty worth mentioning every day.

    Come to me princess, and we shall build a life together in the south of France, living like meridional nobility, suffering no ill will or torment. I will serenade you daily with my lute, and cook you the finest cuisine.

    My body is ready.

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    Boy, because I've just always wanted a son. I don't pretend its easier having a boy, because they can easily be as much trouble as girls (e.g. getting into crime ect).
    Oddly enough my boyfriend would prefer a girl.
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    Wow as someone else said before this thread pretty much explains the whole female infanticide trend.

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    Boy. They are just much cuter as children, more mischievous, more adventurous and when they become teenagers they don't cry on about stupid stuff as much. I've always enjoyed looking after male children more than females, they never throw tantrums and have such a funny take on things.
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    Where's the 'don't care' option?
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    (Original post by Podcaster)
    Wow as someone else said before this thread pretty much explains the whole female infanticide trend.

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    I'm all for choice and people having their own internal preferences but 60-30% is a skewed up ratio. Female infanticide happens in the UK as well..while its in asian families i can also see how subconsciously non-asians discriminate and have gender preferences.

    i always thought guys would prefer daughters and mums might like sons or be indifferent because of teh whole daddy's little girl and mummy's boy stereotype. My sister gels with my dad better etc
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    (Original post by M4LLY)
    A boy, simply because as a male i will have a better idea of what his interests are
    what if he turns out to be gay or if he is straight but has different hobbies and preferences/interests to you?
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    what if people had to choose between a gay son and a daughter? Or a son and a lesbian daughter?
    How much of a role does sexual orientation and stereotypes play in this?
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    so basically the views here are no different to the views in asian countries like India and China. Only difference is poverty and societal prejudice makes them act in extreme ways. But in the UK people are generally more well off and there is little social prejudice/restriction against girls..yet the difference is not as stark.
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    (Original post by covered farm wagon)
    ... and we shall knock back shots of "christmas in a glass" each and every blessed day. So are we going to have boy babies or girl babies?
    Absolutely. And we'll have three, by the way; one of each. :ahee:
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    I've always liked the idea of having a boy first because I think it would be nice if I then had a daughter afterwards and she had an older brother to look out for her at school and be protective of her when I can't be there.

    If I could only have one then I guess it wouldn't really matter much to me... Potty training is meant to be more awkward for boys but then they're generally cheaper to look after, you don't have to worry about them getting pregnant and I quite like the idea of raising a really lovely gentleman.... I've voted boy... A girl would be lovely too though and we could go shopping together and have lots of girly fun
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    (Original post by Minotauro)
    The wet bed conversation is a lot easier than the bloody mattress conversation
    Don't you think that'd be your wife's job?
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    One of the main reasons being that I know how a lot of males think about women and I wouldn't want my daughter being one of them, too much stress
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    Boy because

    1. Someone to carry the family name
    2. As a male, easier to relate
    3. Less female drama
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    Boy, purely so I can teach them my own version of cerebral football-playing and change the fortunes of the English national team


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