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If you could only have one child, would you prefer to have a boy or a girl?

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    (Original post by lilyobz)
    Boy, he can carry on my bloodline.
    what if turns out gay loool
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    I have three brothers and have always wanted a sister so yeah a daughter would be awesome.
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    (Original post by sucess)
    what if turns out gay loool
    that would be an interesting turn of fate. It's kind of funny because many gay kids come from strict conservative homes that prob think like that. Sometimes i wonder if it's nature poking fun at parents and their prejudices.

    I wonder what the poll would be if it was a gay son vs daughter. I wonder how many straight guys and girls here would change their tune.
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    A boy to continue my family line.
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    I really don't know.

    I have 1 girl and 2 boys, and they're all as difficult and challenging as each other. Equally they are all as affectionate and sweet as each other.
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    (Original post by sotrulybeautiful)
    what if he turns out to be gay or if he is straight but has different hobbies and preferences/interests to you?
    Perhaps i didn't phrase it quite right, i think if its a boy i'll have a better idea with how to communicate and get through to him, regardless of what his interests or sexual orientation is
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    (Original post by Minotauro)
    The wet bed conversation is a lot easier than the bloody mattress conversation
    whats the mattress conversation??
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    Well I would like a girl (because face it we all want a mini me).

    And I would raise her up to be awesome and to do what she wanted to do, not what people say little girls should do.

    And I would make her read lots and think lots and how to take care of herself and I would send her to martial arts lessons so no-one would mess with her and everyone would think that she was the shiz.

    However I'd ultimately like one of both. And I always wanted a twin brother so boy/girl twins would be nice.
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    I'd just get a corgi.
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    A boy. I don't think I could deal with the drama that came with a girl XD Plus there are hardly any boys in my family's bloodline, especially on my mums side.
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    Girl because we have alot in common
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    (Original post by skotch)
    The difference is, children in those cultures are required to do manual labour from a young age in order to help the family make a living, so guys are preferred. Here, we don't need children for that.
    That isn't actually the reason for preference of boys. It's because in those cultures, it is at the boy's house that the parents live when they become old. Essentially, if they have a girl, she is expected to go the husband's family and live there, leaving the parents with no safety net in old age. Whereas if they have a boy, the parents can stay with him, and remain in the family
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    Boy. Easier to relate to, probably cost less, no female hormonal nonsense and would probably feel less worried when they get to the going out in town age.
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    Boy, at least he will become a logical creature eventually and have the ability to achieve great stuff.
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    (Original post by Vazzyb)
    And why?

    boy, just cos i would have more in common and lets face ie...men are better, lol. Just kidding
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    a little girl

    i`d soo want to put her in dresses and all pink and frilly!!
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    A boy to pass on the support of my football team.

    Imagine if your son-in-law supports your team's arch rivals and raised your grandson to support them as well :eek:
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    I put boy but only just. Only because I know how hormonal teenage girls can get... :mmm:
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    oooh not sure, i would be happy with either! i honestly wouldn't mind. don't have a preference. i think ultimately i'd say boy.


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