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Which Degree is Better?

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    MSc Accouting & Finance at LSE or MSc Finance at IE Business School?

    I also got a scholarship offer from IE, making the price of the two courses practically the same, so which choice is better?

    IE's ranked 2nd in Masters in Finance by FT, but LSE is LSE after all.

    Any opinions?
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    LSE anytime. Prestigious school. Global recognition.
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    IE MSc Finance is Top programme in Europe. And the scholarships usually look good on the CV.
    LSE MSc Accounting & Finance is known for accepting people who are rejected from MSc Finance, so it's not that prestigious.
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    Going for LSE just by the name is a shoddy way of approaching any decision. You may find more satisfaction by going to IE (wherever that is), so really only you know that decision.
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    I'm doubt LSE takes in IE msc Finance rejects. It would more likely be another way around since LSE belongs to(or near) the league of oxford and cambridge. I strongly believe that majority of students would take LSE over IE. Yes, it's true IE may be better in certain aspects, but all in all, LSE would generally be a better school. I've nv heard from any of my friends who got rejected by IE and yet got accepted to LSE. It's always the other way around.

    Yes. while Kentakobashi mentioned that going for a specific Msc for it's brand isn't right. You must be aware that the brand LSE doesn;t just appear over night. It;s branded becus of the reputations they have built up over long periods with Top notch professors, academic research, good alumni, strong links with the finance sector. Besides, IE is only well-known in the europe/uk country. Not many know what's IE is in US/Asia. That said, you shld factor in a few important aspects or areas that are important to you in pursuing a Msc in Finance in a particular B school. What factors do you think it's most important for you?
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    Depends where you would like to work after graduation and in which sector you would like to work in?
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    Well, I'd be looking to work in M&A in London...
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    (Original post by hmmsk)
    Well, I'd be looking to work in M&A in London...
    Unless you are specifically looking at a team with a distinct Iberian focus, then LSE would be more ideal.
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    (Original post by hmmsk)
    Well, I'd be looking to work in M&A in London...


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