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If you could train/play any Olympic sport, which would it be?

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    Quite a simple question... If money was not a question (the appropriate sporting body would fund it), which Olympic sport would you want to be trained in?

    From the summer Olympics, I'm tempted by the kayaking. I did some archery as a kid and that was fun. I'd also like to try my hand at the rifle shooting - I have some experience with higher calibers.

    From the winter Olympics, I'd love to get trained up in snowboarding - I broke my collar the last time I went snowboarding, so some expert tuition would be great.

    Overall though, I would do the skeleton bob! That just looks like so much fun.

    How about you?
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    i'd love to be an Olympic cyclist or track runner.

    I also really like the look of archery and fencing
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    Would love to do Basketball however, i think regardless of all the money in the world my 5'6 height would severely limit me. So i would probably say i would love to be trained in hurdles since like the poster when i tried to do them i tore my hamstring, would like to tackle it properly this time
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    Hockey and Football!
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    track running or swimming...both gets me excited :teeth:
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    Track or archery or swimming or fencing or rowing.
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    Track cycling, because it's my favourite to watch.

    Canoe slalom also looks *really* fun.
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    I'd love to do swimming and badminton. The sheer speed and physicality involved in both is mind boggling o.O
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    Shot put or discus
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    Table Tennis. I know it's not very glamorous or popular to watch but it is such a fun game! I would probably get bored of anything else. Also, I'm quite good at it already.

    Or maybe floor gymnastics because they do look amazing, but I'd be scared of breaking something and I can't even cartwheel.
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    I'd like to play field hockey or indoor volleyball. I enjoy football anyway and would like to play a few different ball sports that use some of the principles involved in football but that are also very different sports.
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    Probably athletics. I'd love to beat one of the numerous drug cheats out there, whilst clean, then rub it in their dirty cheating faces.
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    beach volleyball, no question
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    Gymnastics. I love it and miss training it so much. I'll never have that awesome feeling of flying through the air ever again. Unless I throw myself off a cliff or something.
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    Badminton. Started at uni but had to stop because I have a bad hip.
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    Archery, I've had a few goes at it (only taken about 12 shots) and I got the bulls eyes (I'm not sure about the points on an Olympic Scale ) about 10 or 11 of them. I imagine it was beginners luck but it's so boss getting that 10. Feeling like a modern day Robin Hood.
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    Gymnastics as I did it as a child, or diving, the training looks amazing, trampolines, foam pits etc.

    Wouldn't want to deal with the joint problems later in life though.
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    Diving, and Syncronised diving because it's so awe-inspiring to watch and it must be awesome to do
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    Archery! Used to do it often, so much fun when you are good at it Also gives you rock solid hands (Physically and mentally)


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