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Official weightlifting discussion thread

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    Does anyone know why so many people dieted down to the 58kg category? As the commentators where saying that soo many people were competing in this category and only a few girls in the next category up
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    Zoe Smith is definitely my new waifu.
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    Sorry to mention this in advance but just watching the female 63kg category and the Australian weightlifter had very hairy armpits
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    (Original post by IWantSomeMushu)
    Zoe Smith is definitely my new waifu.
    Haha get in line.
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    63kg women are ****ing aesthetic. That Turkish girl had some serious biceps.
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    What time is the 69kg group A men coming on?
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    (Original post by
    What time is the 69kg group A men coming on?
    could you not have just googled it?

    according to that link, at 19:00
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    (Original post by Michael XYZ)
    63kg women are ****ing aesthetic. That Turkish girl had some serious biceps.
    Did you also see the Canadian girl's legs she's got huge quadricep muscles
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    (Original post by desijut)
    could you not have just googled it?

    according to that link, at 19:00
    My computer is running annoying slow at the moment (brother is on PS3 and it's affecting my connection speed.) Anyway I don't want to make it worse my opening more tabs

    Thanks for the info.
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    (Original post by yunghamz)
    God damn, dat ass from Annie Moniqui.
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    Damn, that short Korean dude had legs for days.
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    Damn, what's with all these guys failing their snatches?
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    One of them was injured before his first attempt i think
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    yeah the french guy. Lin Qingfeng should win this, unless he starts too high on the C&J.

    I think they saw everyone else starting high, so they went higher than they would have otherwise
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    Pleased for Triyatno.
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    ^ yeah that was awesome.
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    Lin was in a league of his own and I so badly wanted him to clean and jerk 198 successfully. Razvan Martin also looked exceptional, his jerk was simply magnificent and a bronze is definitely respectable for anyone, especially a 20 year-old. What was the name of that second French guy who got injured? His physique was to die for.
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    In. Annoyed with Eurosport, said they were showing all the weightlifting and then they just randomly didn't?!
    Haven't seen ANY weightlifting yet as have been away on holiday. Pissing me off. Gonna try and watch some tonight.
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    Wow, -77kg was EPIC
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    Best class so far. Much better than the one before although it's a shame wrt the injury.


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Updated: August 7, 2012
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